Test your Knowledge – The iOS Quiz Up App now on Android

Want to find out how smart your friends are? Well, you now have a perfect solution if you are using an Android phone. One the most popular iOS games has made its landing on Android. If you are not aware, Quiz Up is an amazing quizzing game with hundreds of topics and over 200,000 questions. So, this is one game that could really test your quizzing abilities.

To start you could sign in using either Facebook, Google+ or email. Once logged in, you could either choose an opponent from your friends list or let the system pick a random player for you. As you progress through the game, you are awarded some weird and wacky badges, which can be used as your title. The user interface is pretty slick too and the profile page reminds me of Path. For your profile, you can choose background wallpaper and a profile pic on top of it.

The topics range from Music to The Dark Knight Trilogy. From General Knowledge to even Mean Girls. The possibilities are limitless. So this game can keep you going for a long time. Each game consists of 7 rounds with 10 seconds for each round. The scoring depends on how quickly you answer. Don’t worry if you fall back in certain rounds because the last round has double the points to let you catch up. There is an option to surrender a game, but you don’t wanna do that. Do you?

Lost a match? Don’t fret. There is an option for a rematch, provided the opponent agrees to it. You could also challenge an opponent, the difference from a rematch being you are not playing parallel with your opponent. Your opponent can take up the challenge once you have completed your part.

The one drawback of this game is that the questions do tend to repeat but that’s bound to happen and they are not that frequent.

Sounds exciting eh? I’m hooked on it. So, download today and get quizzing!

Download from Google Play

Developer: Glu
Price: Free+

Download from iTunes

Developer: Glu Games Inc
Price: Free+

Get your next Ride from your smartphone – Taxi Apps for India

Looking for Taxi apps get around a city in India? Don’t worry about hunting for a bus ride or haggling with the local autos, here are some Taxi apps which you can use to book a ride straight off your mobile phone. I’ve personally used these services,via their Taxi app, to get around Bangalore. There are some more out there, which I haven’t tried out, so I didn’t add them to this list just because I wasn’t sure of how the service levels were. If you do use any others do let me know by leaving a comment  so I can add them to this list.

Ola Cabs

Ola Cabs operates out of Mumbai,Delhi,Bangalore, Pune, Chennai and Goa currently. They’re one of the first taxi service in India which offered a mobile/web-based booking system which allows to see where the nearest taxi is and when you booked the taxi, where the taxi driver is currently. You can also book your taxi in advance, by setting a time when you’d like your ride to arrive.

Coupon Code: 90AMWM gets you Rs. 200 off your first Ola Ride

Ola, the #1 ride hailing app
Ola, the #1 ride hailing app
Developer: ola
Price: Free
‎Ola Cabs
‎Ola Cabs
Price: Free


Meru  started off as a call taxi service mainly catering to people looking for airport pickup and drop service. To keep up with the times, they’ve too have introduced a mobile app based booking system where you can look for Taxis for a ride immediately, or book one in advance. They operate out of Mumbai, Hyderabad, Delhi, Bangalore, Jaipur and Ahmedabad.


Uber an international Taxi service which recently brought their services to India. They currently operate out of Bangalore, Delhi, Hyderabad, Mumbai and Chennai. Their service is an on demand service, which means that you can only look for rides when you want it. You can’t pre-book a cab for a future time or date.   

Get Rs. 300 off your first Uber Ride using this promo code ubermpw or click here and sign up.

Price: Free

Taxi for Sure

Taxi for Sure operates out of Bangalore, Chennai and Delhi. Apart from booking a cab for a ride, you can also book a cab for half or full day package via their app. Most other services listed here do provide the same service but require you to visit their website or call them.

Easy Cabs

Easy Cabs also started off as a call taxi service, but have introduced their mobile app for bookings. They operate out of Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Hyderabad. One addition feature they provide is the ability to book rides and pay via points on your PayBack account. Payback is a loyalty card which is accepted in a variety of retails stores, websites and services.

Photo Credit - blu-news.org via Flickr

Telegram, Minuum and Shush! – a few apps you have to try out

Telegram for Secure Messaging


If you haven’t yet heard about Telegram, the alternate Instant Messaging client, you have to try it out. Telegram shot to glory when WhatsApp’s service went down last weekend after Facebook bought them. This outtage led the Telegram clocking up 5 million new users in a single day.

I don’t know what it is about Telegram, which caused this surge of users, considering there are quite a few Instant Messaging apps like Line, WeChat and more.

Most standard features of Telegram match that of WhatsApp. The additional feature on Telegram is the ability to start a secret chat with your friends, where the messages are encrypted from end to end, which means even servers through which the message passes can’t read it. There’s also an option to self-destruct messages after a set time period. This includes photos, or other attachments which are sent across.

If you are looking for a WhatsApp replacement, which is secure, try out Telegram. The official client is available for IOS and Android, with quite a few unofficial clients for Windows Phone, and desktops as well.

Android App Download

Developer: Telegram FZ-LLC
Price: Free

IOS App Download

‎Telegram Messenger
‎Telegram Messenger
Developer: Telegram FZ-LLC
Price: Free

For unofficial Telegram clients for other platforms, check this link.

Shush! , Don’t forget to turn your ringer back on.

How many times have you turned the ringer off on your android phone and hours later realized that you missed out on a ton of calls and messages because you forgot to turn it back on?

Shush! to the rescue! Download this tiny app called Shush from Google Play, and launch it the first time. Once you do this, Shush! is now active. Every time you from now, when ever you turn your ringer off, Shush! will pop up a window like this:


You can tell it when to turn your ringer back on by just sliding your finger over the clock circle, in increments of 15 minutes. After that time elapses, Shush! automatically turns on the ringer on your phone.

Shush! Ringer Restorer
Shush! Ringer Restorer
Developer: Fizz Buzz LLC
Price: Free

Minuum – the tiny keyboard for Android

Do you need a keyboard which takes up the least amount of space on screen? The regular keyboards take up most of the screen, especially when you use the phone in the landscape mode. Minuum keyboard is a solution if you want to get over this problem. This keyboard replacement takes up less than half the space of the normal keyboard. They achieve this by jamming all the keys into a single line.

Minuum Keyboard

If you think, like I did, that this is going to be difficult to type, you’ll find that the auto correct capability of this keyboard really shines, so you can type at about the same speed as you’d do with a regular keyboard (after a little practise). They also have the option to switch to a regular keyboard layout, which is useful for those hard to type names, email addresses and password, all you need to to is to press the keyboard with two fingers and it switches between the full and tiny layouts. You can also quickly switch between alphabets and numbers in the tiny layout quickly by flicking your finger down on the keyboard.

Minuum Keyboard + Smart Emoji
Minuum Keyboard + Smart Emoji
Developer: Whirlscape
Price: $3.99

Nokia Refocus App now available on Windows Phone Store

A few weeks back we told you that Nokia had some camera tricks up their sleeves for Lumia users through their Refocus app. Well if your phone has been updated to the latest Lumia Amber update, you can head out to the Windows phone store and download the Nokia Refocus app on your phone and start taking pictures.

How the app works is by taking around 3-8 photos at different focus points when you click a snap, and then merges them into a magical snap which you can play with the different focus points later on.So make sure you have your subject close to you before taking a snap and keep your phone steady while the snap is being clicked for best results.

Once you’ve clicked your snap, you can share this with your friends by uploading the snaps and sharing the link. The photo is first uploaded to Skydrive and then to a page on refocus.nokia.com where even your friends can try out different focus points in your photo.

Apart from this feature, Nokia has also bundled a Colour Pop feature which allows you to selectively retain colors in certain areas of your photo and convert the rest to black and white for an artistic twist to the photo.


The Nokia Refocus app is available to all Lumia phones which have a PureView camera. Here are the models for quick reference – Lumia 920, 925, 928, 1020 and 1520. So if you own one of these models, head out to the Windows Phones store and take the app for a spin.

Krrish 3 The Game Reviewed

So I tried my hand at Krrish 3 The Game! I’m not too well versed with the Krrish franchise.. i know the basics.. and thanks to the media frenzy surrounding the movies, i think i know most of the storyline as well. Straight off the bat, Krrish looks good.. The graphics are pretty darn good. The facial features are pretty detailed, and the basic layout is  simple enough to start playing right away.



There are a few bugs, with the controls.Why not give players an option of buttons, an option of tilt to play? Swiping furiously is not necessarily the future of touch gaming.
The game is not difficult, but the view angle and perspective is fixed and not speed dependent.. This is so annoying! If my character is walking, i can see X feet in front.. but if the character is hurtling forward at full tilt, i can still only see x feet in front of the character.. Invariably resulting in me falling off too many buildings and running into too many walls..



Great graphics

Nothing bad to say over here, the character modeling is great. and the game runs quite smoothly.. The backgrounds are clear. (Though at times they seem to merge with the foreground, making gameplay plain annoying)

Game Play

The game is effectively a runner format, with little bits of combat thrown in. The ability to create matches is great and definitely should be used often. Hopefully Play Games integration would enhance the multiplayer experience immensely.


The Ads

Oh god the ads… at every menu function there is a pop-up ad.. at some points you know the QA has not been done because, the close button for an ad, overlaps with a game menu function. So thanks to that i was not able to even access some of the menus..


I will have to clarify this one. During play the game never hung or shutdown. But It seems to run in the background, and is constantly throwing error reports while I’m not even playing..

To sum it up

I’m not a follower of the franchise, and initially i was not too impressed by the game. I’ve had the game for a week and there have already been two updates for bugs – which is great. On the whole it’s a fun game, not what i was expecting. Few tweaks to the gameplay and you could have a great game. Unfortunately with most “theme” games, they tend to die out after the event has passed, i.e. the movie stops screening.. It would be interesting if the producers pushed their audience to play the game more..

Definitely worth downloading!

Download Links

iOS Download

Android Download

Krrish 3: The Game
Krrish 3: The Game
Developer: Vroovy
Price: Free+

Windows Phone Download

Gameplay Trailer

Flyne – My New Favorite Offline News Reader App for Android

From the creator of Falcon Pro, an awesome Twitter client for Android, comes a News Reading app called Flyne. Flyne is essentially an offline news reader which news articles from various sources and have them ready for your reading pleasure in a clean mobile format.

The app itself is free and you are limited to adding feeds from a curated list of feeds categorize by topics. For a more personalized news feed, you can choose Twitter or Feedly. These two options are paid options which you can enable via a quick in-app purchase. Once you unlock the Twitter option, and you’ve logged into Twitter,  you can configure Flyne to pull content from your Timeline or any of the Twitter Lists you are subscribed to. Similarly the Feedly integration allow you to subscribe to Feedly Folders.

Flyne Reading Experience

Once you’re setup, Flyne pulls in content from your selected sources and has it ready for you to read offline. The reading experience is really good because the entire screen then is used to display the post in a neat mobile format. The minimal menu options actually just overlay over the content. Navigation within the app is via easy to learn swipe gestures – Swipe left or right to switch between articles, Swipe right from the left edge of the screen to bring up the list of feeds, and swipe left from the right side to bring up the list of articles.

Flyne, is simple and easy to use. While this makes the app really good at what it does, you may find a feature or two lacking. If you do, head over to flyne.uservoice.com and put in your ideas so the developer can improve the app.

Have you tried out Flyne yet, let us know what you think of it, if not hit the download link below to get started.


Flyne. The Offline Reader.
Flyne. The Offline Reader.


Smart IR Remote – Convert your Galaxy Note 3/smartphone into a Universal Remote for your TV, Music System and more

If you have the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 ( or any model with an IR Blaster) here’s a nice app which turns your phone into a universal remote control for your TV, or any home appliance which  can be controlled via an infrared based remote. Of course Samsung’s WatchOn app, which is bundled on the phone, provides IR remote feature.  One drawback with the WatchOn app was that it provides the basic remote control features of my TV (volume, channel, menu and navigation) but missed some of the advanced features which I couldn’t control. The Smart IR Remote app which I found on Google Play had much more appliances in their database and allowed most advanced remote settings for the devices as well. Apart from the standard features, this app had a few tricks up it’s sleeve which made it the killer app for me. More on this later in the post.

Setting up the Remotes

Universal remote - Smart IR Remote
Keep trying till you get it right

This was one of the tedious things in the app, which needs to be done once for any device. The setup required a trial and error phase to figure out your TV or appliance’s remote control codes in order to work properly.  The app eased the pain by having a nice guided way of setting up the remote, by allowing you choose the type of appliance, the model and then run through the remote codes, by trying to turn on the device. Once you’re able to turn on the device, the app then presented the full remote control, so you can see if the other functions on the remote work, if not, you can switch back to the previous mode to try out some other settings. Once you have the right one, you can save that and go ahead to try setting up the next device. I managed to fully setup my TV, Airtel HD Setup Box and my Blue Ray player, which I now control entirely using the phone, a universal remote!

Beyond Remotes

The other cool features of the Smart IR Remote App are the what makes me stick to this app:

Air Gestures

If you’ve got this app running and then leave the phone on your table, you can just wave your hand over the phone, to control your TV, wave it up and down to control the volume and left to right to change the channels. All this without even touching your phone.

Auto Mute

You can set up the app to auto mute your TV when you get a call. Nice feature to have when you’ve got your volume cranked up and get a call. You don’t have to fumble around with your remote to mute the TV.


Smart IR Remote also allows macro creations to automate tasks. For example, when I want to watch TV, I have to turn on my TV and then my DTH set-top box to get started. I can set up a button to do both these commands  by creating a macro. Macros make couch surfing even more lazy! Just perfect without having to fumble around two different remotes.

In Short

In all the Smart IR Remote app is a must have to do away with all those pesky remote lying around. The additional features which the app supports makes TV surfing even more a lazy task. The app supports even Air Conditioning units, Music Systems, DSLR camera and more. If your device isn’t listed there, just contact the developers of the app and they should be able to get help out.

Supported Phones and Tablets

  • All Samsung Phones with IR Blaster. Here are some which should work Galaxy S4, Galaxy Note 3, Galaxy Mega, Galaxy S4 Mini
  • HTC One

Download Link

Smart IR Remote - AnyMote
Smart IR Remote - AnyMote
Developer: Color Tiger
Price: $6.99

Screenshots from the App

Locate, Ring or Erase or lost Device using the Android Device Manager

If you had lost your Android phone earlier, you would have had to install a third part app first if you wanted to find or locate it. Apple had for a long time provided their Find My iPhone service, which allowed you to locate your lost iDevice. Google was slow to bring about an equivalent service to the market.

We’ll now you can, that too without installing any third-party app. All you have to do is head over to www.android.com/devicemanager and sign in with your Google Account, and you should see a map with your Android device on it. The first time you open up the Android Device Manager, you’ll get a message like this:


You’ll have to click the Send a notification to your Device link to set it up. Once you do that, you should see a notification in your  notifications bar, clicking on that will lead you to a screen prompting for additional permissions. Once you set up the additional permissions, you’re good to go.

In case you’ve left your phone under a pile of clothes or the kids put your phone along with their toys in their box, you get the phone to ring for you, this will work even if you had set the phone on silent. This will allow you to quickly find your elusive phone. You can also get the location of your phone on the map, this will help you hunt down your device if you left it in office, or even the location of the cab you misplaced it in.

In the worst case scenario, if you can’t retrieve your phone, you don’t want your emails, social networks and media opened up to whoever has got a hold of it. You should perform a remote wipe of your phone to prevent your data from leaking out. You can do this by clicking on the “Erase Device” button on the Android Device Manager.

Head over to the Android Device Manager to get set up.  Any phone running Android 2.2 or above can use this service, provided that it’s tied to your Google Account.

[button style=”2″ caption=”Visit Android Device Manager” link=”http://www.android.com/devicemanager”][/button]

Quip Wordprocessor for iPad, iPhone, Android and Desktop

Launched by a startup with ex-Facebook  and an ex-Google team members, Quip relooks at the age old word processor. The big name in Quip is  Bret Taylor who was the CTO of Facebook for a while. Word processing has been ingrained in everyone’s mind as being a task for desktops, and not mobiles. Quip wants to disprove that and mobile users do as much work as possible from their mobiles as well.

What I love about Quip is the simplicity of it. Most word processing software these days have complicated options to make a document look like it’s been edited and laid out for printing. It’s not too great with the medium of sharing is the web and mobile, since print’s on the decline.

Quip provides an easy interface to edit your document with minimal formatting, so you can export it out to once your work is complete. Of course, not everyone would agree with me on this. The simplicity could be a put-off for someone who lives in let’s say Microsoft Word or Open/Libre Office universe. For me it’s a distraction free editor which allows me to focus on the content, rather than the formatting and how it looks.

Wait that’s not all, whether you’re working on an article or writing up a shopping list you can also invite your friends or family to collaborate with you by sharing a folder of documents with them. They can edit the documents and you see the changes real-time on all their devices and have a conversion with them by messaging them. This is similar to the collaboration features which Google Docs provides.

Quip comes with a web version on quip.com and has their official apps for the iPad and iPhone in the iTunes Market. Android users can try out the alpha version of the app from Google Play. The alpha version on Android doesn’t have the ability to edit the docs yet, but it should come in a future update.

Quip’s service is currently free to use for consumers and small companies which let you collaborate with up to 5 users. They offer paid services to bigger companies at $12 per month for each user. Scroll down for the Download links for your device, and if you’re on your desktop point your browser to quip.com to get started online as well. Once you’ve used it, let us know your thoughts on Quip by leaving us a comment below.

Download Links

Developer: Quip
Price: Free
Quip: Docs, Chat, Spreadsheets
Quip: Docs, Chat, Spreadsheets
Thanks to @justjots for the tip

Buttons and Scissors Logic Game for iOS and Android

The game Buttons and Scissors is logic based game, where the main aim is to cut off all the buttons from a piece of Denim Cloth. As easy as that sounds, things can a little tricky as you progress through levels. Here’s a quick set of instructions on how to get rid of those buttons in Pictures: Buttons and Scissors - Instructions You can cut off buttons of the same color which fall in a straight line, and keep doing that till the board is cleared. You may end up making moves which you may want to backtrack, so the game provides an undo button which is on the lower right corner of the screen. Oh and did I mention that the faster you complete the level, the more you score.

There are quite a few levels to go though within the game. There are 200 levels for each the 5×5, 6×6 and 7×7 grid sizes. That makes 600 levels in total. If you run through all these, you also have the option of buying 600 more levels via in-app purchase. You can also buy solutions to levels, in case you get stumped on the way.

Download and have fun!



‎Knöpfe und Scheren
‎Knöpfe und Scheren
Developer: KyWorks Software
Price: Free+

Google Play

Buttons and Scissors
Buttons and Scissors
Developer: KyWorks
Price: Free+