Ovi Maps is now out of Beta

maps3.0.1.png Ovi Maps (formerly know as Nokia Maps) is now out of beta according to the Nokia Beta Labs blog.

To install the new version you’ll have to download the Maps updater for your phone model and run it. Unfortunately this runs only on Windows XP or Vista, so running Ubuntu, I’m outta luck. For a software which was on beta since last December, providing a Windows only installer on launch is no excuse. They could at least have had a mobile phone installer.

To learn more about the features in this new release head over to: http://europe.nokia.com/explore-services/maps/features

Download the Maps updater from: http://europe.nokia.com/explore-services/maps/download

Tweets60 – Twitter client for S60 mobiles

tweet60 Messages

If you’re looking for a free native Twitter client for your Symbian  S60 powered mobile phone, you’ve got to check out Tweets60. It’s works on S60 3rd and 5th Edition phones. As with most Twitter clients you can view your Timeline, Replies, DMs and Favorites and follow/unfollow Tweeple.  The interface is good and simple with the actions to post, reply or retweet in the Option menu.

tweet60 tweet entryOne cool functionality in Tweets60 is that you can configure multiple access points and prioritize them. Useful when you’ve got Wifi access and then default to GPRS/3G connection when you’re not in Wifi range. If you’re on a tight data plan, this application also comes with an option to save your bandwidth by allowing you to set the refresh frequency to manual or set it to 5, 10 or 30 minutes.

For a basic twitter client – Tweets60 does it’s job pretty well. According to Ravensoft’s tweets, it looks like a pro version is in the making. I just hope the free version doesn’t get too crippled to promote the sales of the pro version.

A few missing functionalities in the current version of Tweets60 are (in my order of my preference):

  • Delete & Mark Tweets as Favorites
  • Custom Twitter Search Timelines
  • Post images from phone to twitpic ( hopefully will be out in a future version)
  • Multiple Twitter Accounts
  • Theme support – A darker theme ( like Gravity? )

Get Tweet60 from : http://www.tweets60.com/

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Nokia photo browser launched for Symbian S60 Smartphones

Nokia photo browser is an application that has always impressed the Nokia 5800 Xpressmusic touch phone users with its specialized features to browse the photos in best quality.

The same Nokia photo browser is now released for all the Symbian S60 smartphones with the following features –

  • Pleasing visual effects
  • Intuitive touch UI
  • Magnifying glass
  • Face browsing

The Nokia photo browser works well on Nokia devices based on S60 5th edition, S60 3rd Edition Feature Pack 1, and S60 3rd Edition Feature Pack 2. The touch interface is only available with the S60 5th Edition including Nokia 5800 XpressMusic and N97.

The beautiful effects are displayed in the photo browser with excellent 3D interface.
You can download the Nokia photo browser from Nokia Beta Labs.

View the launch and functionality video here –

What is Fring?

fring logoFring is one of the best client for instant messaging, calling etc. for mobile phones which connects people through many messaging services like Yahoo! Messenger, Gtalk, MSN, AIM, Skype, Twitter etc. and lets people call each other through it for free.
Some of the best messaging services supported by Fring are Skype®, MSN Messenger®, Google Talk™, ICQ, SIP, Twitter, Yahoo!™ and AIM® and apart from that, you get the latest alerts of google mails received, get the updates of the last.fm latest tracks of your friends and also check what your friends are upto on Facebook.

Here are the things you can do with Fring service –

  • Skype – You can check who all of your Skype friends are online, who you can chat with and you can call them directly through Fring.
  • MSN – Always stay connected to your MSN contacts even when you are not near your PC, write messages, talk or share files with all your MSN buddies directly from fring.
  • GTalk – Check who all are online, who you can interact with and chat with them or talk through Fring.
  • Yahoo – Add your Yahoo contacts to fring’s contact list , see who is online, chat, talk and interact.
  • ICQ – Stay in contact with ICQ friends and chat with them through Fring.
  • AIM – Check who all are online and chat or talk with them through your mobile phone.
  • Last.fm – Choose your preferred artists and listen to genres you like; see what your friends are listening to, interact with them via VoIP calls or live chat and keep marking the tracks you love. All that via streaming to your fring application.
  • Gmail notifier – Get notified for every new mail you get to your gmail account.
  • Twitter – Get all the tweets from people you follow, reply to them or get replied from them, and post your tweets through fring.
  • Facebook & Orkut – Set things in Fring accordingly to use these both Social networks the best way through Fring.

fring info picture

Fring automatically selects the networks or any Wi-Fi spots and connects to the web and logs you in, when you start it. So you don’t have any hassle to check for the available network etc. and it supports many Nokia Smartphones, along with the latest Nokia 5800 Xpress music and also all the Nokia N-series mobile phones.

You can check out and download Fring at fring.com

Download Fring for Nokia 5800 Tube Mobile Phone

fring logoFring has always been one of the best instant messaging client for any type of mobile phone, for Nokia and several other mobile phone brands. And this software is now also available for the latest touchscreen mobile from Nokia, the Nokia 5800 mobile phone.

The touchy experience of the mobile along with the best chat options of Fring is a perfect combination to keep people online for longer time on the phone. You can chat with friends, take all the IM buddies together and call to any, who has the voice calling feature on. You can send and receive files through fring, and also invite more friends to chat through fring. Calling is free through fring.

Fring also has options to select the best wi-fi hotspots so that you don’t need to keep searching to get connected to the web and login to your instant messengers. Moreover, Fring supports many clients like Skype®, MSN Messenger®, Google Talk™, ICQ, SIP, Twitter, Yahoo!™ and AIM®.

You can download the latest Fring version for Nokia 5800 mobile phone from here.

Check this video for the demo of Fring on Nokia 5800 mobile phone –

Download ShakeLock app for Nokia N82, N95

shakelockNokia N95 and Nokia N82 are the mobile phones which have accelerometers within themselves, and so the innovative apps are available for only these mobile phones whose shake features can make functionality available in the mobile phones.

Shakelock app for Nokia N82 and N95 phones is the one which can help you use the accelerometer feature to lock and unlock the keypad with just a shake of the device. When you install the app and enable it. You just have to shake the mobile device down and up, and the keypad gets locked.
And when you shake sidewards, the keypad gets unlocked.

So you don’t need to use the keys to lock/unlock when you have Shakelock app for that purpose. Its an innovative app developed for accelerometer enabled Nokia mobile phones, and this is in beta stage so you won’t expect more features until its official release.
You can download Shakelock from here or here.

S60Zip Zip file manager for Nokia S60 2nd edition mobile

s60zip softwareZip files can never be directly managed, extracted or files added to archive, except there is some 3rd party software that can help you in doing it. S60Zip is a free ZIP file manager for Nokia S60 2nd edition. It’sPKZIP compatible and capable to compress and uncompress archives indevice.

When in your mobile you download a zip file, the file directly gets open with S60Zip and you can choose to extract all the contents, or view any particular file in that archived file. Here are a few features –

  • PKZIP compatible.
  • Compress/uncompress.
  • Open ZIP files from messages (e-mail, Bluetooth), browsers, file explorers etc.
  • Send ZIP files via Bluetooth or e-mail.

S60Zip supports all S60 2nd edition phones. It is a good software and does not effect any functionality of the phone.
You can download the S60Zip file manager from here.

Blog platforms where you can post from Nokia Lifeblog

Nokia Lifeblog not just can save all your daily activities, but also can post to your favorite blogging platforms, except one of the favorites Blogger.com! Some of the platforms can have both text and images posted in them through the lifeblog, but everything depends on their settings.

Here are a few blog platforms which you can post into, using your Nokia lifeblog –
G-Blogs – Blog about anything and create blogs, have moblogs for blogging through mobile phones and this can come into best use with Lifeblog. Check out this page on how to activate Lifeblog with G-Blogs.

LifeLogger – This can be integrated for both the Symbian S60 mobile app, and also the Windows PC version of Lifeblog. You have to activate Mobile Blogging and follow the steps as here to set up Lifeblog for LifeLogger. Check out this page for more information.

LiveJournal – One of the famous blogging platforms which is a good one for writing online journals and blogging, and adding pictures from mobile through Lifeblog can be done by checking here.

Phlog – A photo uploading and sharing website where you can upload images from anywhere, and so Nokia phones also included. But that requires just a few settings which can be done by checking here.

Typepad – Another good platform for blogging, and you can post text, image or videos from your mobile phone into your typepad blog. Here is a detailed description on how to post some data from Nokia mobile into the typepad blog.

WordPress – As everyone knows, its one of the best blogging platforms but direct settings for integration is not possible, so there is a wordpress plugin from softpedia to do that. Here is a post on how to integrate lifeblog to wordpress blog. Its an easy way as the main part of it is the wordpress plugin which is easy to install and set up.

What is Nokia LifeBlog?

This term might be seen in most of the Nokia N-series mobile phones, and few other mobiles of Nokia and this is actually an app that comes pre-loaded and installed in the mobiles. Nokia Lifeblog is an application which acts as a diary with multimedia features for the mobile users. This tool collects all the photos and videos taken from the mobile camera, the MMS and SMS received or sent and arranges them according to the timeline and does similar to a blog post with all the activities shared.

The tags such as time information, location, sender or receiver info are all stored for anytime future access and you can control on what to keep searchable and what to have private.
The Lifeblog is made of the Symbian S60 software which is synchronized with Microsoft Windows PC program and this PC program can help in importing images.

The Lifeblog is not rendered to only mobile phones, but there is also a PC version of the LifeBlog. TypePad, LiveJournal, LifeLogger, Jutut, LifeType, MediaBlog, and SaunaBlog are the ATOM enabled blog platforms where the data can be directly posted to. And the images that are captured from the mobile phone can be directly sent to the Flickr account through Nokia LifeBlog.

Here are the mobile phones which have the LifeBlog application –
NSeries mobiles – N70, N71, N72, N73, N75, N76, N77, N80, N81, N82, N90, N91, N92, N93, N93i, N95 and the 8 GB versions of N81 and N95.
Other Nokia Mobiles – Nokia 3250, 3230, 6260, 6630, 6670, 6680, 6681, 6682, 7610.

Only the above mobile phones can see the applications in the My Own or Extras folder in the device.