SmartBand from Sony Mobile available now in stores across New Zealand

Sony Mobile Communications New Zealand today has confirmed the local availability of SmartBand SWR10 through Sony online and Sony stores with availability through other major retailers to be confirmed soon. Sony’s SmartWear experience combines the SmartBand and Lifelog to let you effortlessly capture experiences from life – places visited, music listened to, games played, books read – and present it in a beautifully visual interface on your mobile device.

Sony customers can purchase the SmartBand through Sony stores for $169.95 RRP, with online availability through Sony online ( to follow shortly.

Sony’s SmartWear Experience brings users Lifelogging, flexible style and Life tools

The SmartBand is said to be an “innovative life logging wristband that lets people keep track of everything including walking, running and counting calories”. It is a 24/7 wearable device with a completely waterproof core, meaning users can wear it in all conditions. Wearers can also be alerted to calls, messages and other notifications through a vibrating alert. When enjoying music on the move people can play, pause and skip tracks using the SmartBand. Additional software updates will be available in the coming weeks for the Lifelog application allowing users to log routes and times for driving, cycling and train trips.

“SmartBand and its innovative core are extending beyond fitness tracking, to add colourful, fun entertainment experiences to users’ lives,” said John Featherstone, Managing Director, Sony Mobile Communications Oceania. “Users can now simply log special moments and watch your life played back to you on your Sony smartphone or Android device just by wearing it wherever they go.”

We should have a more in-depth look at the Sony Smartband for you in just a few weeks, so watch this space for the full review.


Kingston DataTraveler microDuo Flash drive for PCs and Phones

There are flash drives and there’s the Kingston DataTraveler microDuo. With the usual flash drives in the market, you can use it back up or transfer data between your PCs and Laptops.

Kingston DataTraveler microDuo_64GB_cap openTransferring data between your phones or tablets and laptops generally mean hooking them up via cable. Kingston wants to ease this for you – via the DataTraveler microDuo flash drive. Instead of having only one standard USB interface, this little wonder comes with a micro-USB one as well.

This means that if you have a USB-OTG (USB on the Go) phone or tablet, you can hook up this drive to your device and access your files, music or media from the flash drive. This is the perfect solution to my media problems when I have to travel. I don’t have to fill up my phone’s internal memory with my movie and music collection. Instead I just need to fill the microDuo with all my stuff and plug it into the phone when I need it. Another upside is that I no longer need to get the higher capacity model and save there.


  • 2-in-1 connectivity: microUSB and USB 2.0 connectors for easy transfer of files between smart phones, tablets, and computers
  • Available Capacities: 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB
  • Interface: USB 2.0
  • Dimensions: 27.63mm x 16.46mm x 8.56mm
  • Warranty &support: 5-year warranty with free technical support
  • Pricing: Rs. 1200 for the 16gb and Rs 2200 for the 32gb drive.

You can find out more about this from Kingston’s site.

Buxsa launches the Merlin Smart Watch In India, an e-store has just launched the Merlin Smart Watch in India. The device is priced at Rs. 8,999 and is availble in India via their online store.

Some of the key features of the watch include the ability to sync with any Android Smartphone, and the option to check phone calls and SMS alerts right from the watch. The watch also comes with a SIM slot, so you can use the watch itself to place and receive calls without having to pair it with another Android device. You can also answer calls from the watch directly using the bundled bluetooth headset or the in-built speakers and microphone. The Merlin Smart Watch can store up to 500 contacts in it’s phone book.


Network : GSM850/1900MHz 900/1800MHz (GPRS) Display : 1.44 inch Touch Screen 128×128 Pixel
Ringtone type : Polyphonic(64 chords)
Vibration : yes
Phonebook : 500
Call records : yes
Card slot : MicroSD (T-Flash), up to 8GB
Connectivity : Bluetooth
Data transfer : USB cable/Bluetooth(voice stereo)
Messaging : SMS, MMS
User profiles : General, Meeting, Outdoor, Indoor, Headset, Bluetooth
Battery : 600mAh Li-ion battery

For more information on the Merlin Smart Watch and how you can get it head over to since it’s available with them exclusively for the next 30 days.

Kingston SSD Now UV100 – Speed up your system NOW!

There comes a time when adding additional RAM on your PC or laptop doesn’t get you any further speed improvement. Even putting a faster processor in there won’t help much if the games or applications you use do a lot of reading from the disk drive. The only way to speed that up is to put in a faster drive. How do you get faster Hard drive (hint: the Kingston SSD Now UV100)? Well these days you go out and pick up a SSD (Solid State Drive) replacement for your hard disk. Just running your system off a SSD gives you blazing fast performance, since the system can load data faster from these drives compared to regular drives.

Of course, SSD technology is still much costlier than the regular drives, so our tip for you is to install the SSD drive as your primary drive where you load your system’s Operating system and applications, and have a secondary drive of higher capacity to store your less frequently used data like your movies, music and data.

Getting an SSD drive used to be quite costly affair till now. The super affordable Kingston SSD Now UV100 drives were launched recently here in India.  The Kingston SSD Now UV100 range of drives start at around Rs. 5000 and have are available in two capacities – 60GB and 120GB. Here are some quick specs of the product:

  • Form factor: 2.5″
  • Weight: 77.5g
  • Interface: SATA Rev. 3.0 (6Gb/s) – with backwards compatibility to SATA Rev. 2.0 (3Gb/s)
  • Capacities2: 60GB, 120GB
  • Sequential Read/Write3: SATA Rev. 3.0 –  up to: 425/ 425MB/s
  • Maximum 4k Read/Write3:
    • 60GB – up to 65,000/26,000 IOPS
    • 120GB – up to 50,000/50,000 IOPS
  • Random 4k Read/Write3:
    • 60GB – up to: 45,000/7,500 IOPS
    • 120GB – up to: 37,000/14,000 IOPS
  • PCMARK® Vantage HDD Suite Score: 55,000
  • Power consumption:
    • 0.08 W Idle / 0.108 W Avg. / 1.025 W (MAX) Read / 2.8 W (MAX) Write
  • Dimensions: 100.3mm x 69.9mm x 7mm
  • MTBF: 1 million hours
  • Warranty/support: 2-year warranty with free technical support

For more information about the Kingston SSD Now UV100 head over to this link –

Intex DJ Speakers – Party Hard!

At home, I use a pair of Intex Dj speakers. They were great value for money.  Relatively basic, 2.1 sound good enough for home use for me, since I didn’t need any surround sound for music. Ten years on they still serve me quite well with no problems; as a value for money product they served exceedingly well.

For top of the line equipment, the budget can be extended to virtually no limit..  But for us folks how have a realistic budget to work with (or work around) Intex now has a new range of their Intex DJ speakers for those who like to part. The newly introduced range includes four models – DJ 215K SUFBTDJ 420K SUFBT, DJ 220K SUF and DJ 230K SUF designed to generate loud and powerful performance.

The DJ 215K SUFBT and DJ 420K SUFBT have integrated Bluetooth so you can wireless stream music from any Bluetooth enable media device. To add to that you also have an Aux input as well as usb/MicroSD support..


The DJ 420K SUFBT, DJ 220K SUF and DJ 230K SUF come with dual cordless mics, so you can really have a great time at a party,  address a gathering, yell at unruly guests to your hearts desire..

Here’s  a more detailed breakup of the new Intex DJ speakers as well as their included prices.

Output Power60W + 60W60W + 60W60W + 60W40W + 40W
Cordless MICSingleDoubleDoubleDouble
Remote ControlYesYesYesYes
Frequency Response50Hz – 20KHz50Hz – 20KHz50Hz – 20KHz50Hz – 20KHz
FM Frequency range88Mhz to 108Mhz88Mhz to 108Mhz88Mhz to 108Mhz88Mhz to 108Mhz
Sensitivity< 550mV< 550mV< 550mV< 550mV
S/N Ratio>=60dB>=60dB>=60dB>=60dB
Impedance4 ohm4 ohm4 ohm4 ohm
Speaker Unit25.4cm (10″) x 2 + 7.62cm (3″) x 625.4cm (10″) x 4 + 7.62cm (3″) x 630.48cm (12″) x 2 + 7.62cm (3″) x 625.4cm (10″) x 2 + 7.62cm (3″) x 4
Size of Appearance(360 x 290 x 620mm) * 2(352 x 300 x 860mm) * 2(373 x 297 x 622mm) * 2(332 x 297 x 628mm) * 2
AC 200V – 240VAC 200V – 240VAC 200V – 240VAC 200V – 240VAC 200V – 240V
Box Dimensions40.0 x 67.0 x 63.5 cm38.5 x 35.0 x 88.5 cm43.0 x 35.0 x 68.5 cm64.5 x 38.5 x 75.8 cm
PackagingSingle packingSeparate packingSeparate packingSingle packing
MRPRs. 11705/-Rs. 17000/-Rs. 14275/-Rs. 10090/-



Online World Stylus RollerBall Let You Write on Paper and your Tablet

Here’s a cool accessory for those of you who can afford it. The  Online World Stylus RollerBall from  Online, a German fine writing instruments maker, multitasks as both a pen and a stylus.

Online World stylus Roller Ball PenThe World Pen Stylus rollerball is made of pure aluminum and  is equipped with a  quality stylus tip and allows you to scribble, write or draw on your phone or tablet’s screen. If you have one of those newer touchscreen laptops, yes, this works on those too. The other end of the pen features a rollerball with blue ink for  jotting down your thoughts on paper and signing autographs and cheques. Take your pick.

The product itself is in the premium segment with excellent finish and quality.  You can pick up one of these here in India from a William Penn outlet at Rs.4,225.  William Penn currently has 25 stores spread across Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Pune, Chennai and Kochi

Accessorise and Protect your phone with Case Mate

Your smartphone really is your portable computing device, your camera, media player, and so much more. You’ve probably invested a lot of money in your smartphone, both for the hardware and for the services and apps that you’ve purchased. You’ve probably also spent a lot of time setting it up so that it’s just right for you to use. Now all it takes is a little slip and what you have, is a broken phone (most probably the screen), a trip to the service center, and a hefty charge for replacement parts.

The most practical way to protect your phone is to put a case on it. It’ll probably also set you apart from the hundreds of thousands of people who have the exact same device. There’s a plethora of accessory makers out there, but the one that I’ve used for almost every smartphone that I’ve owned is Case Mate.

Now, what I generally do is buy the case from the Case Mate website or from Clove and pay extra for shipping to India. What I didn’t know though, was that as of late last year, Case Mate has an online presence in India. So that’s two benefits: It’s cheaper than buying it abroad and you’ll get it quicker (I really need to go and run a quick calculation to see how much I would have saved had I known about this).

They have a huge range of series, so regardless of what kind of cover you want, you’ll probably find something you like, from the Barely There series to the Pop Cases (with a kick stand to prop your device) to the  Tough Cases (which I personally prefer). You can also customize your case.

So head on over to Case Mate and a have a look and buy from their site. You can also follow them on Twitter and on Facebook. Remember, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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Nokia Wireless Charging Plate DT-900 Review

We got a hold of the Nokia Charging Plate a week back and have been using it pretty much most of the times at home with my phones. It’s transformed my daily charging ritual.

Ease of use

It’s just so easy to charge my phone these days – no more hunting for the cable and plugging the device – I just place the phone on the charger and it does its magic. It’s really convenient, since I don’t have to hurriedly disconnect a cable to answer a call or take the phone while going for a quick walk out. The light at the base of unit turns on to show you if the phone is actually being charged.

Having a case on the Lumia 920 also didn’t seem to affect the charging capability of the unit. While testing the charging accessory, the charge time for the phone was almost the same as if the phone was charging via a cable.

I’m now tempted to go out and pick up at least 2 more so I can have one handy at office and at my bed-stand as well. But there’s a catch, more about that in a bit.

Standards based charging

In the Lumia range, you can charge the 920, 720 and the 820 (with an additional charging shell) with the plate. Since this product follows the QI wireless charging standard, you can charge any phone which follows that standard. So I’ve used this accessory not just with my Lumia 920, but my Nexus 4 charges off this without any problem.

As with all wireless chargers these days, the phone has to be placed on the plate in order to change it, and the DT-900 charges only one device at a time. I’ve tried hard trying to place both my phone to get them to charge together, but I wasn’t successful with my experiments.


Nokia Charging Plates - Colors

The DT-900 comes in 5 different colors so you can match your charger’s color to your phone or match the color scheme of your table.


Didn’t I tell you about the catch? Well the DT-900 is currently marked for sale at a premium cost of Rs. 3,999 here in India. That does put a dent in my plan to get a few more. Well since this is a premium feature, I guess the premium cost is kind of justified. Oh well, a few more months of saving to get one more is worth it considering both my phones are able to charge off the Nokia Wireless Charging Plate.

Final Words

The DT-900 does cost a bit, but I’d happily pay for one just for the convenience and ease it offers, even my pre-school kids know how to charge the phone. I just ask them to charge up my phone and they go directly and place the phone on the Wireless Charging plate. This compared to an earlier attempt by my elder daughter to charge an older phone and ended up jamming the USB cable into the phone the wrong way.

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Motörhead Audio Gear is here!!

Are you Ready to ROCK??

Well, lets assume you are.. Most of us who listen to rock music, need to listen to it LOUD! If you don’t, well then you’re just doing it wrong. Listening to loud music is great on a solid set of speakers, but invariably when you want to switch to the portable world of music, most of the bass is left want, treble gets tinny and well the bass is just reduced to ear jarring vibrations.
Motörhead brings you the latest in portable audio gear.Lets first check out the more portable versions they have on offer.


Overkill is aimed at the smartphone user, equipped a microphone and music controller as well. Which will handle ass the basic phone and music player controls. The earphones feature an all metal construction and have excellent audio quality throughout the entire range.
The Overkill is priced at Rs. 3,899.


These little guys will deliver the entire audio range maintain clarity and quality throughout. To make them Motörhead proof, all parts are made of the most durable Swedish metal. It features a right-angled metal connector. Which takes less space, is more durable and a lot tougher to break.It comes in 3 finishes- brushed metal, metal black or brass.
The Trigger is priced at Rs. 2,999.
Now on to the big boys. All the versions comes with smartphone compatibility as standard. More geared towards the smartphone user who sacrifices size for comfort.


Big guitars, fat drums and rumbling bass. That is what the Bomber is all about. With 30mm speakers these guys can definitely handle and dish out serious power.
The Bomber is priced at Rs. 6,399.


Meant for the person who wants a mighty punch without having to carry a boombox around! The 40mm speakers, pack the bass without losing clear mid-range and distinct high. The mid and the high frequencies are so clear you easily can separate the instruments from each other. Iron Fist is delivered with both a 1m cable for mobile music players and a 2.5m cable for listening at home or where you find it comfortable. The cable is woven and of course single sided as on all professional headphones.
Ironfist  is priced at Rs. 7,499.


Over-the-ear, Over-the-top. Equipped with 40mm neodymium high power speakers these heavy-duty headphones give you smooth warm bass, bombastic drums and clear mid-range plus distinct high-end.  The headphones are designed with DJs in mind, with turnable ear cups for single side listening. With Motörizer you get our own Controlizer, a smartphone ready microphone/controller which can adjust the volume, pause, play, play forward and what else you would expect from headphones
The Motorizer is priced at Rs. 8,299.
One thing Motörhead stresses on is their excellent build quality, I guess they do know their target audience quite well! If you’re not sure of what kind of people back these products, this link should set you straight. For Rockers by Rockers has never been more true.

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Nokia Monster Purity on-ear Headset Reviewed

I’ve been longing to try out this pair of headsets ever since I saw them during the Nokia World 2011 event last year. I did get to play around with demo units while I was there. I couldn’t spend too much time with these at that time because of the number of people waiting to try it out.

These headsets were also not on sale in India until recently. Now that Nokia India has finally started marketing these and quite a few more of their accessories in India, we can finally get our hands on this unit. Nokia India had sent across the Monster Purity On-Ear headsets to review and I was overjoyed when I got them.

What’s in the Box?

In the box along with the headsets you also get the following:

˚A hard carrying case, in which you can fold your headsets into
˚A cable with 3.5″ connectors and mic
˚Another cable with the mic and control buttons

Not a lot in terms of accessories, but the basics to get you started. The cables allow you to use the headsets with a wide variety of devices, including your phones, laptops, music players and more.

2 Weeks of Bliss

Working from home does have it benefits, but also it’s drawbacks. It’s hard to concentrate on work when you have two young kids running and shouting around the house. My regular pair of headsets didn’t isolate their noise unless I had the volume cranked up real high, but then that’s not helping getting work done as well.

For the two weeks I had this pair of headsets, I really got to enjoy working from home. The ear pads were great in greatly reducing the cacophony of noises around. Now I didn’t have to crank up the volume to pound away at that tricky code for work.

The headsets I got were in my favorite color – Blue. Unfortunately, the trial period came to and end and I had to woefully ship these back to Nokia India. I’ll have to save up for to get me a pair of these in the near future. Till then I’m back to the noisy environs at home.

Build Quality

The headsets themselves have a premium finish with a lot of high quality glossy plastic finish. The joints where the headsets fold in are also nicely done, and the joints don’t seem flimsy at all. The ear-pads themselves are soft, allowing for a prolonged usage without much discomfort. The ear-pads could be a little uncomfortable if you plan to use this in a warm environment. In terms of the headset fit, it was a snug fit after adjusting it properly. It was always snug and secure and didn’t feel like it was going to fall off at all.

Tangle Free

Apart from the headsets themselves being blue, the supplied cables also came in a matching blue. The cables are tangle free, and what a blessing that is. No more cables running in knots and having to struggle around with them to get them straight.

The pack came with two types of cables:  a cable with the mic only and another cable with a mic and control buttons. The one with the control buttons (like the one in the image) works only with Windows Phones so it goes well with Nokia’s Lumia phones. I tried getting the controls to work on other phones as well, but without much success. The Macbook Pro actually responded to the control button by starting and stopping music, but the volume controls didn’t seem to respond.

Sound Quality

I loved the sound quality of these headsets. I’m not expert audiophile to tell you how good the soundstage of this head is, or if it’s base or midrange were good and the highs were crisp. All I can tell you is that I was able to enjoy listening to music on these headsets, and they did a better job than all the headphones I had lying around at home. These are Monster headsets, and their sound quality is top-notch.

Retail Price

This is what I mentioned about some time back about saving for this pair of headsets. This pair of  Nokia Monster Purity headsets is currently retailing for around Rs. 11,420 on the Nokia India Online Store. A tad bit pricy but for me it’s worth the quality of this device. Time to start saving up.

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