A Video Review of the N86

Here’s a video review of the N86 by Dan of TechDigest. The N86 is Nokia’s 8 Megapixel Camera phone which is supposed to be the successor of the N82. The N86’s flash is a dual LED flash, which pales in comparision to the Xenon flash of the N82.

More about the Nokia N86 specifications

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iPhone 3GS VS Nokia N97: A Detailed Comparison

Here’s a video from Michael Sherlock which shows a comparision between the two major releases from Nokia and Apple this year. If you’re still trying to figure out which one you’re planning to buy, take a look at this video.

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Nokia 8800 Gold Arte Review

nokia 8800 gold arteStarting the review with a warning for all the mobile geeks, its a phone made for the looks and not totally for the features. So don’t go through the entire review if you need the multimedia loaded interface in this phone.
The phone is plated externally with Gold which does not rust, and does not easily lose the shine given when scratched. Nokia Arte has always been good with the external looks and it continues with the Gold version after the Sapphire and Carbon models.

The multimedia roughly is explained by OLED screen, 3G, the 3-megapixel camera and 4GB of internal memory. It is powered with Series 40 OS.

The phone externally has 18-carat gold plating, and genuine white leather padding, and so the high price. And that’s why i already said, its not a phone for mobile geeks who do not always go for the looks and pay for it.
The phone measures 109 x 45.6 x 14.6 mm and the phone weighs 150 gms. The design of the phone is not at all changed from the earlier versions and the screen size is of 2″ size and the 4 control keys along with the D-pad on the upper surface which does not hide when the slider is closed down.

The leather cover on the keypad cover slide, is white and when its tapped twice, an analogue clock appears on the phone screen. There is a power key on the top of the phone which can help in switching through the ringing profiles. The mouthpiece and microUSB port are both located on the bottom of the phone, and the same microUSB port can be used to connect to the charger.

Phone interface: As said, the phone has nothing special in the interface and any Xpressmusic or basic smartphone user of Nokia would easily understand what the interface might be. There is a list of default themes which can change good colors in the phone but still, nothing too much special to talk about the interface of the phone.

The phone has a Li-ion battery and the battery life is good enough with talk time of 200 minutes if continuously used.

Camera: Perhaps its become a style to exclude the flash option in every smart looking phone, even the iPhone does not have the flash and the 8800 Gold Arte lacks flash. Still capturing photos and videos is possible through the 3-megapixel camera of the phone.

Other features: There is no option for a memory card addition as there is no extra card slot, and also there is no Wi-Fi for fast web browsing.
And the normal web browsing can be done through Opera Mini 4.2 mobile browser.

Nokia E52 mobile phone review

The Nokia E52 is the latest addition to the E-Series range of slim and sleek handsets designed for busy people whose working life never stands still. The Nokia E-Series handsets tend to be unexciting but practical business workhorses.

The Nokia E52 is one of the smallest E-Series phones weighing in at just 98g and measuring 116 x 49 x 9.9mm. The one thing this phone lacks is a qwerty keyboard so this phone might not be so great for emailing like the other E-Series phones,
Some of the exciting features of this phone include the batter. The phone boasts astounding talk time which comes to eight whole hours before you need to recharge. The phone also has superb voice quality with noise cancellation feature which is an added bonus. It has auto-complete features and company contact search.


The phone includes the corporate telephone integration meaning you can replace your desk phone in the office. Also a USB charger comes with this phone. There is a quickoffice editor and data encryption.
It comes with a 3.2 megapixel camera which also includes flash. The web browsing on this phone seems to have improved over the last one. It has built in flash and auto-landscape orientation. Maps are also there which are really helpful at times.

There are three features which I would like to elaborate on. Firstly the ovi services which include push-email and IM with Nokia messaging, N-Gage Games; which work very well on this phone and the ability to geo-tag and share photos.
Secondly the music features; the quality of the music player is excellent and it has a standard 3.5mm headphone jack and a fm radio and storage for upto 6000 songs with a memory card.
Thirdly, it has social networking! Now which phone doesn’t have it these days? It supports easy access to ovi, Windows Live!, Yahoo IM, Facebook, YouTube and MySpace. Long list..

So all in all the E52 is a great improvement over the last E-Series phone but for those who don’t like phone without a qwerty keyboard might just change their mind after looking at this phone.

Nokia N81 Mobile Phone Review

Nokia N81 is a beautifully designed mobile phone like N78, N79 and is mostly based on the music pattern as the top screen has dedicated music keys. It is a slider phone like the N95 but has a single slide in the bottom, to expose the number pad.
The upper surface has the call and end keys in the extreme sides of the panel, and the music keys are along with the Open/Cancel keys with the navigation keys in the center. There is also a switch to lock or open the keypad, on the top due to which there is no need for opening of the slider to unlock the keypad everytime, similar to Nokia N91.

nokia n81

The quality of screen and pixel exposure is beautiful, with 2.4 inch screen having capability to show 16 million colored images. Nothing special is added to the screen to talk about. The camera is a basic one, 2 Megapixel with flash and 20x digital zoom, and the picture quality can be said fine, just like N70, N72 and other 2 MP camera phones.
This phone also runs on Symbian S60 software and has small internal memory, and expandable upto 2 GB, and a newer version has an internal memory of 8 GB for mass storage.

Connectivity is good with Wi-Fi technology, 3G capability, and WLAN technology. It is another good multimedia device along with some other N-series devices like N78, N79, N82 and N95.

nokia n81 8gb

When the battery was fully charged and used, it took more than 3 days for the charge to complete, although i had kept the Wi-Fi search On, and 3G is not available at my testing range. The battery life is good, and the charging speed is also fast.
One of the reasons some might not like the phone is that Nokia N81 is comparatively thicker than many other mobiles, and no one would like to have their pockets bulged out. Other than that, its a perfect device for networking and also playing the music to the best.

The Nokia N81 is available for around $285-$300 and is not overpriced. A good mobile for music lovers.

Nokia N78 Mobile Phone Review

After Nokia N73, this was the mobile which made some good comeback from the basic mobiles like N76, N77 with some good multimedia features, and a 3.2 Megapixel camera. The design is a bit similar to the N73 mobile but the curved ends and the keypad section makes it a stand-out.

The 4-way navigation key in the keypad can be used as a scroll key in an iPod. It works fine when you are working on some long lists of songs or contacts, similar to the iPod functioning. The keypad is made up of 4 thin lines of keys which are not very hard to use, and i have used them to experience how it feels. The keypad is actually better than many other N-series mobiles, and if you have used N70 or N72 earlier, then the Cancel key in the extreme right bottom would not be hard to use for you.

nokia n78 mobile

The mobile interface looks more attractive than other mobiles of N series. Its because the app navigation which might give a feel of Apple iPhone but still don’t get confused. Its a Nokia device. And the internet connectivity is both through the packet data connection, and also the Wi-Fi technology to stay connected with high speeds of browsing experience. There is also integrated GPS transmitter and Nokia Maps feature.

After the Nokia N73, this mobile has a good camera of 3.2 Megapixel, with Carl Zeiss lens and the picture quality is not bad, and similar to that of Nokia N73. And there are a lot of options in picture editing, and when tried in dark, the LED flash could not produce very clear and good pictures. Memory to store everything is 70 MB internally and external expandable memory is 2 GB with a MicroSD card.

nokia n78

* For a simultaneous use of Nokia N73 and N78 together for a few days, i felt N73 is still the winner when talking about the picture quality in all modes, the speed of interface usage etc. But i can’t totally underestimate N78. Its an awesome device too, and the price of $300 is worthy for the multimedia featured mobile phone.

Nokia N76 Mobile Phone Review and Specifications

Nokia N76 is the first N-70+ series mobile with a flip model, and is similar to a combination of LG Shine and Moto RAZR mobiles. The flip model surely decreases the length of the handset but still there are limitations to open the flip mobile when some USB cord is attached to it.

Measuring 106.5 x 52 x 13.7 mm in dimensions, the mobile looks bigger when opened in hand, but smaller than a normal device when the flip is not open. The thickness is lesser than Moto RAZR mobile.
The external surface has a smaller screen with 3 multimedia keys below it, for music control when the flip is not open. The same keys can be used to read any incoming messages or closing them down.

nokia n76 mobile

As already said, the flip can not be completely opened when any USB connection port or a headset is connected, as the joint is the place where the sockets are located. The phone is solid hard and do not break into bits when accidentally fallen down with some force.

Camera is 2 Megapixel and the quality of images is poor, and the resolution too is low. The pictures can be captured both when the flip is closed, and opened on any of the screens. The front surface screen has to be a rotated position when clicking any images.
The inner screen is large, measuring 2.4 inches corner to corner offering a 240 x 320 pixel resolution and 16 million colours which is good. When watching under sunshine, it seems the phone is off due to inability to display the screen perfectly against bright light.

nokia n76

Memory is not too high from the internal end, with 26MB of internal memory, and a slot for MicroSD card which can have a maximum of 2GB memory.
The battery life is said to be perfect which runs for hours with continuous usage of text messaging, calls and 3G networking.

There is no support for stereo bluetooth, and not everything is so easy and well customized to use. At least the previous N73 is better to use and have better multimedia features.
The phone is priced at near $350 i.e. around Rs. 15000 but the specs do not talk much for that price.

Nokia N96 Mobile Phone Review and Specifications

Nokia N96 is another stylish N-series mobile after Nokia N95 which was much into talks and was graded as one of the favorites, but the more stylish looks of N96 hit the market with its awesomeness. The model has something similar in external, to Nokia N85 but the features are a stand-out.

Nokia already had got into the 5 Megapixel era through N95, and then came in the N96, N79, N82, N85 all with the 5 Megapixel cameras with some different lens for each. The camera for Nokia N96 has a Carl Zeiss lens with Dual LED Flash. And the image quality can challenge the ones with Sony Ericsson captured images.

nokia n96 cell phone

The camera has a plastic ring around it which can act as a stand which for video watching. There is a single camera at the back, and nothing in the front. Lack of a Xenon flash can be a negative factor, but the quality of image is not bad. The video recording quality ranges from MMS to a big TV quality.

The dual slider, similar to Nokia N95, looks a lot better and shinier with the curved ends. But still the music keys are provided beside the navigation keys and the call/end keys in the bottom of the front screen. The lower slide has the number keypad.

nokia n96

Some awesome power-packed features –
– Intergrated Nokia Maps with GPS integration.
– Quickoffice for creation and editing of .doc, .xls and .ppt files for business people.
– Adobe files can also be played with Quickoffice.
– Oxford dictionary and Mobiola Screen capture applications.
– DVB-H receiver.
– Wi-Fi support for the fastest experience of internet.
– Wavesecure application which can lock and manage the phone when it gets stolen.

Pricing is the only thing where people might not like it, as it costs Rs. 34,700 and there might be other mobiles like the Sony Ericsson G900 with 5 Megapixel camera for only 20k.