How to reset a Nokia phone?

Sometimes, Nokia phones have the problem with a few apps or programs, and there are errors which can not be closed down, and the apps keep running with the errors. Resulting in slowing down of your mobile phone. Many people take it as a problem with phone virus, and try to just check for that.

But you better can reset your phone once to make the confirmation that it was some app error which was the reason for that slowing down of your phone. There are 2 options for resetting a Nokia phone –
Soft Reset
Hard Reset

Soft reset just brings you back to the basics. It takes your Nokia phone to the initial stage or Factory settings that were given when you bought the phone. To make a Soft Reset –
Press *#7380# in your Nokia phone and if you have set a security code, type that when asked. The phone reboots and soft reset is done.

Hard reset is needed when the problem still persists and you might need to remove the apps and errors from their roots. To make a hard reset –
Press *#7370# in your phone and follow same thing as above.

The hard reset deletes every app that you stored in your phone memory, along with your contacts. So you should backup everything before you proceed with that.

How to integrate Nokia Lifeblog into WordPress blog?

Blog platforms like LiveJournal, LifeLogger, Typepad etc. easily accept the usage and integration of Nokia Lifeblog into their blog. But WordPress blogs having Lifeblog integrated with them would need some software for blogging.

Softpedia has a plugin called lifeblog4wp which is a wordpress plugin that helps in integration of the Nokia Lifeblog protocol into the WordPress Blogging Software. After you download and install the plugin, here are the settings you have to make, to complete the integration –

Server address:
Username: Your wordpress admin name
Password: Your lifeblog password(Not the wordpress admin dashboard password)

After these settings are done, your integration of Lifeblog into wordpress blog is done. You can post something directly to the wordpress blog without having to open the internet browser and logging into the admin dashboard to post something daily.

You can download the lifeblog4wp plugin from Softpedia.

How to upload pictures to Flickr using Nokia LifeBlog

Nokia LifeBlog as said, is an online diary from the mobile phone through which you can update the world daily by posting messages, or images and videos.

But uploading images to Flickr requires some settings to be done to the mobile phone which can be done by following these steps –
To post to Flickr from Lifeblog, you need to add a server, username and password into your Lifeblog settings.
Open Lifeblog > Options > Settings.
In the settings section, you would find spaces for the Server, Username and password. Go to Lifeblog toolbox in flickr to find the information.

Username: As given your flickr account
Password: As given by Flickr(This is not similar to your flickr account password)

Do not use your flickr account password as the password above. There is a special password provided by Flickr for every user.
Set all the 3 correctly and then the captured images can be directly sent to your Flickr account through Lifeblog of your Nokia phone.