The Awesome TSF Shell Pro – Coming soon to your Android

If you’re a frequent user of an Android phone, you’d have tried out Home Screen Launchers available on the market. Some of these are much better than the Stock Android UI, or the one bundled on the phone. None of these are as awesome as the upcoming TSF Shell Pro which is currently being developed by a team of developers who go by the name C3D.

This shell looks so advanced that it makes other Android Launchers look outdated! This new laucher features 3D widgets, Quick screen switchers, lasso selections, multiple selections for moving icons around, and tons more to make management of your apps on the phone so easy. You’ve got to see it to believe it. Here’s a demo video of the TSF shell to knock your socks off.

This launcher is currently in development and should be out in a few months. I for one am impatiently waiting for this to hit the market to snap it up. You can get more information about this from the TSF site.

via ZomgitsCJ and Android Police

TehkSeven Theme for Symbian^3

TehkSeven by ThaBull
TehkSeven by ThaBull

If you’re looking to jazz up your Symbian^3 handset, TehkSeven might be a good option to try out. The simple white layout makes it very easy to navigate and there isn’t much to distract you. I normally prefer my themes to be black bland and boring, but this seems like a good alternative. The subtle orange adds a nice contrast to the overall theme.

To download this theme head on over to their download page.  While you’re there be sure to check out more of the themes on offer at the TehkSeven website!

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Colors by MMMOOO -Symbian Theme

Colors by MMMOOO is a nice colorful theme for your Symbian Phone. This theme is compatible with Symbian ^3 and Symbian S60 v5 phones. The theme also features Symbian Anna icons, so you get those even though you’re on the older version of Symbian.

Get the theme free from Ovi Store.

Batik Indonesian Theme for Symbian Phones

Looking around for a cool theme for the N8, I came across this nice looking theme on IND190. Give you Symbian Phone an Indoensian twist with the Batik Theme. The theme is available on OVI Store for Symbian^3, Symbian ^1 and S40 phones. Here are the links to get the theme for you phone:

Batik Indonesia for Symbian^1 & Symbian^3
Batik Indonesia for S40 C3-00

Blackberry Theme – Core by Elecite

A fresh new theme from Elecite, I installed this theme a week back, and found that it eases the navigation on the BB Torch dramatically. I didn’t have to keep scrolling through endless lists of downloaded apps and find the correct category for an app. All I need is right on my home-screen.

Here’s details about the theme from Elecite:

[ad#ga-cbox-right]Got an app that you’d like on the homescreen that isn’t there already? Core adapts to you. Just move the icon to the top of your application list and it will be visible in one of the 9-12 slots in the custom category. (To get to the Custom category, touch in the middle of the screen or scroll to the side)

Core has an intense, futuristic green vibe with detail to impress. The wallpaper is locked so you won’t be able to customize it, but given the design of Core, it doesn’t make any sense to.

The Core Theme:

  • Practical design
  • Clean, simple and professional
  • 16 locked icons
  • 9-12 customizable icons
  • Polished dash board interface
  • Fast and snappy

You can get more details about this theme from Elecite’s site – This theme costs $6.99 at the Blackberry App World .


Symbian Theme – Spring by Morkino

Spring Theme by  Morkino
Here’s a nice theme from Morkino called Spring. A fresh new theme to bring in the Spring. You can download this theme to your phone if you’ve got a Symbian^3 or a S60 5th Edition phone.

Here are the download links:
Download the 5TH Edition version of Spring (2330KB)
Download the Symbian^3 version of Spring (1590KB)

Theme: Earth by Pizero

This is a free theme from Pizero, which is compatible with S60 v3 and Symbian^1 devices.  You can get this theme free from Ovi Store. If you are surfing from your phone, the Ovi Store link for this theme is, or just search for Earth by Pizero in the Ovi Store app.

This free theme is a  lite version with the default icon-set, but if you like this theme and would like to get it with a custom icon-set, you can check out the Earth Pro theme from Pizero.

Carbon Theme for the N900

Simplicity.. That is the easiest way to describe the Carbon theme for the Nokia N900,  elegant yet straightforward.
The Carbon theme is definitely one to have.  It adds a touch of class to the home screen, and  its custom icons for the application manager and other menus makes the theme well worth it.

Not many details are available for this theme, but it can be downloaded from the Maemo Repositories.

Check out the Gallery below too see what the Carbon theme looks like.