100 Cameras in 1: No, Not Really

I was told this iPhone app that was created to be fast & simple and that obviously meant it was designed for speed & ease-of-use. That was just not enough a reason for me to download this, as every other app in the App Store these days promise the same. But what really got me interested in this app was that it was created by one of them really well-known photographer and much more, Trey Ratcliff. You can find more about him on his wiki page.

After reading about this app on the website & its reviews, I was very excited to see what this had to offer to me in my world of iPhoneography. So I decided to download the app less than an hour of reading about this app.

The main page has a typical camera app options that includes Take Photo & Create from library option. Other than that, this app has a
few more options that I thought looked interesting but unfortunately aren’t really that exciting.

The Achieve Greatness options asks me to login to Game Centre. (I’ve never logged into that & that’s a different story). The Explore Deeper option takes me to a Explore More Amazing Stuff page. Here it tells you what the app team is creating or created, their free online HDR tutorials, Trey’s Helpful ebooks, much more information about Trey that you can find on his wiki page. Self Plug, in my words. Bored me within a few seconds. The Be Inspired option leads you to a page where you can subscribe to newsletters that promise you of tricks & tips. Sorry but I get enough tips.

Then we have an Options link which gives you options to login to Facebook, Flickr,Instagram and much more, in case you wanna share your magical effect you got on your picture using this app. And then finally, the About option, which give you Twitter ID & website addresses of Trey & Lavacado Studio.

So I decided that I wanted to add effects using this app to a photo I had already taken using my iPhone, and to find out what is magical about this app. I select a photo and was amazed to find 100 different filters across 10 different groups. That makes it, 10 filters under each group. Some named funnily, some didn’t make sense to me. So as you can see below in the image, I decided to choose, Going back for more ice cream when no one is watching.

The options I get is:

  • A horizontal ‘slider’ bar – that will “change the effect of the texture using overlay, hardlight, luminosity, the texture itself, or other methods depending on the nature of each unique effect”, as they say on their website. Yeah, so basically it’s giving you an option to play with the desired effect.
  • A ‘save’ button – that will save the current filtered-photo in your photo library.
  • A ‘share’ button – that will give you options to email photo, share onFacebook, Twitter, Flickr, Smugmug, Dropbox, Instagram and also to print it using AirPrint Printers.
  • Also, a ‘add effect’ option – that adds the desired effect to your selected photo.

So, playing with this I realised you can add an effect and this takes you to the main filter page, and you can add more effects to this
photo AGAIN. Basically, your selected photo can get ALL THE 100 EFFECTS that this app has to provide. You can also favorite an effect you like the most by clicking on the star that is besides every effect/filter. Also to see your favourites, click on ‘more’ that resides on the top right hand side of the screen.

If you happen to take a photo using this app, you would be blessed with two guide overlays, Golden Ratio (Trey’s preferred) & Rule of Thirds. Apart from this, there’s absolutely nothing else you can do with this app. I was expecting to see more effects can be added on the go to my selected photo, but, honestly speaking I don’t think I have the patience to even sit and see which out of the 100 filters will help make my photo look the best.

I’m honestly disappointed after all the rave reviews on the internets. I’d be only happy if this app was a free download because I can find a lot of apps on the app store that can give me more and are still free. The app costs $1.99 and you can get it on the App Store, here.

PS: I hear there is an iPad app too. I’m definitely not bothered to try it out. You can try it if you want, it’s $2.99 on the App Store.

Here are some of the Sample Photos.

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