101-in-1 Games for iOS

OOOla…. Nordcurrent introduced a new game for the users of iPhone, iPod and iPads. It’s a collection of 104 mini games in a single app. It consists of variety of games like puzzles, darts, sports, racing and lot more popular type of games in one single package. And the most exciting thing is that it is FREE.

It’s boring to switch from game to game and I found the name to be interesting and out of sheer curiosity I downloaded this game, just to find out how 101 games are in 1 application. The size of the game is also pretty small for such a collection of games. The games are pretty easy and there is nothing like levels in this game, it’s just that you need to earn the points to complete the game successfully.

From the beginning only 10 games out of the 104 are unlocked. In order to unlock locked games, you need to play the games that are unlocked and earn points. You can get extra points for free by replaying already completed games. It has a unique way of unlocking games using the points you earn by winning games. This one app is a solution for all the mini games you loved to play. It is a very good time pass while waiting for someone or to kill time. This collection is enough to satisfy all your gaming needs.

Some games in this collection are boring and some challenging for you mentally. If you like challenges then this is the place to be. Each game has only one level but the points limit is different for each game. As and when the game progresses, it becomes difficult for you to earn those limit points to complete the game. Each game has its own difficulty to earn those points. Some games might take just mins to complete and some games might take little more time to complete. There are a lot of similar kinds of game available to download, just the characters and the difficulty levels are different compared to this. Some of the games, you need to be really quick and your reflex should be really good.

The previous version of this game had 101 games and the new version has 104 games. Unlocking locked games is like moving on to the next level. I would rate a 4 on a scale of 5 simply because some games are boring. Most of the games are addictive and for good time pass. It has good puzzles like crossed wire etc..

Scan this to download 101-in-1 for iphone, ipad and ipodOn the whole to conclude I would say Nordcurrent has done a good job. It requires iOS 3.0 or later and is compatible to all the latest versions of Apple devices the iPad, iPhone and the iPod.

You can download 101-in-1 from iTunes by clicking on the App Store image below. You can also scan the QR code on the right with your device to get to the download link.

101-in-1 Games

Rating by Nanju Kumar: 4.0 stars

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