3 New Software updates for the N97

Last evening I came across three new software updates for the N97. To get these software updates, go to the Menu > Applications > SW Updates. You’ll see the following updates on your screen:
Here’s an overview of each of these updates:

  • Maps 3.1 is an update for the Maps software which was shipped with the N97. If you install this update, you will get the latest Ovi Maps version of the software. The maps which you may have downloaded on to the phone for the earlier Maps software is not compatible with this version so you will have to redownload your maps with the new Maps downloader software.
  • N97  C: Phone Memory Update – is an update which will help you clear more space from the C: drive on the phone. This was a problem earlier for N97 users where there was hardly any space left on this drive when the phone came out of the box. A lot of users had resorted to un-installing the default apps which were shipped with the phone to free up space on the phone memory. This update should help in this purpose.
  • N-Gage Application – Finally the N-Gage application hits the N97. Gamers who were disappointed with the N97 for the lack of the N-Gage app can now start gaming on this device.

Other users have seen more than 3 updates on their phones. If you’re using Nokia Messaging and Ovi Contacts, you may also get updates for those services as well.

Edit: If installing all three updates in one go doesn’t work, install them one by one starting with the N97  C: Phone Memory Update. Installing everything together failed when I tried and @RobertHall’s tip on Twitter helped me get the updates on my phone.

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