37% of UK’s 55+ Adults Own a Smartphone -Are they using it smartly?

Research conducted by Teqno-Logical.com in London has revealed that 37% of UK’s 55+ adults own a smartphone but don’t use most of its functions.

According to the latest survey conducted by Teqno-Logical.com among 1268 respondents that are 55 or older, 37.2% (472 respondents) of them own a smartphone, about 58.1% (736 respondents) have a feature phone, while 4.7% (60 respondents) don’t own any mobile device at all. 37% is quite a big number, so it’s a bit surprising and quite contrary to the stereotypical opinions about the older generation.

In our society, 55+ adults are considered to be unaware of the trends in the world of technologies, but our research showed that this stereotype was wrong: 37% is quite a big number, and though it might be a bit different in other cities outside London, it still proves that not only young people are interested in smartphones and other modern gadgets”, said Amelia Hunter who conducted the survey. “On the other hand, we have found out that 55+ smartphone owners usually don’t use the features of their devices. Moreover, most of their phones were bought for them by other people”.

37.5% (177) of the 472 smartphone owners have chosen and bought their devices themselves, while the other 62.5% got their smartphones from their children or other relatives. Most of those are used phones – the respondents said they got the old phones of their children when those bought new and more advanced ones. 26.9% of the smartphones turned out to be running Android, 21.4% were iPhones, 18.8% were Nokia’s Symbian phones, 14.7% were Blackberries or other phones with QWERTY keyboards. 18.2% of respondents didn’t know / didn’t care what platform their phones ran.

So what smartphone features do 55+ people usually use? As one would have expected, nearly 68% of the respondents said they only make calls with their smartphones; more than 18% said they use texting from time to time, too, 9% said they surf the net, 4% admitted they liked taking photos with their smartphones, and only 1% used their phones for social networking.

It’s also interesting that, according to Teqno-Logical.com’s survey, most of 55+ smartphone owners in the UK aren’t interested in apps or don’t even know what apps are. Only 7% said they have ever downloaded an app, and only 3% of them have ever paid money for it.

As for feature phone owners, 78% of them said they liked their phones and didn’t want a smartphone. Almost all of them use their mobiles to make calls, and about 30% admitted they send text messages, too.

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