40th Year Anniversary of the Mobile Phone

Today marks the 40th Year anniversary of the mobile phone. The first mobile phone call was made Dr. Martin Cooper, a Motorola employee, on 3rd April, 1973 using a Motorola DynaTAC phone. This phone was huge compared to cellphones these days.

The phone itself clocked at around 1o inches, and this is not including the length of the antenna. You really needed a suitcase to carry this baby. The phone also gave a whopping 30 minutes of talk-time, 8 hours of standby time and needed a full 10 hours to charge. It also had a screen just big enough to show you the numbers you were dialling.

The Motorola DynaTAC 8000X received it’s FCC approval and was the first commercial cell phone and was sold in the markets around the early 80’s. It used to retail at an unimaginable price of $3,995!

Things have really changed in 40 years. These days more affordable devices,  longer battery life ( and we still complain about our batteries!), bigger screens, internet on the move, social networks,cameras and so much more on our phones. For people in the 80’s this would have looked like science fiction or even black magic!

After 40 years of Mobile Telephony, things have changed! These days a lot of us use mobile phones less for calling and also apps like Whatsapp among others are also effectively reducing the SMS based revenue of these companies. Telecom companies are therefore looking at other streams to boost their earnings, like faster data connectivity and value added services. The industry is poised for a change and we hope to see even more revolutionary changes to mobile phones in the coming years.

We leave you with a video from the 80’s produced by Motorola, promoting their Motorola DynaTAC phone.

Photo Credit: Mikek via Flickr
Sources: Wikipedia, Retrobrick, Motorola

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