5 Android tips you need to know…and 5 lesser known ones

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We’re back and this time we’re talking Android Tips and Tricks. If you own an Android phone (and there are plenty), there are certain tips and tricks you really should know. We’ve listed these below and we hope they’re useful.

If you’re more of a power user or want to delve deeper into your phone’s functionality, we’ve listed some lesser-well-known tips that should make your phone live more interesting.

5 need-to-know tips:

Create a contact bookmark on your homescreen
If you call someone regularly it can be useful to have a shortcut on your homescreen. To do this, long press on the Background, select Shortcuts, then Direct dial

Delete multiple emails at once
Go into your emails
Press Menu and then Delete
Then select the message you want to delete by pressing the X next to the message
Then press Delete

Increase your security with a custom unlock pattern
Instead of the simple swipe gesture to unlock your phone, you can set a custom one which can be extremely difficult for a thief to guess
Go to Menu – Settings – Security
Then press Unlock pattern to set one up

Remove a whole text message conversation
If you have some text that you no longer need, or don’t want anyone to find, then you can remove an entire text message thread
Go into Messages and look for the thread
Then long press on it and select Delete thread

Put your phone in silent / vibrate mode with the volume buttons
You can use the volume buttons to put the phone in silent or vibrate mode
Keep pressing the Down volume until it reaches 0%
Then press it again to enter Silent mode
Then press it once more to enter Vibrate mode

5 lesser well-known tips:

Calibrate your keyboard for improved performance
Calibrating your keyboard will significantly improve the experience using your phone
To calibrate go to Settings – Language and Keyboard – Touch Input – Text Input – Calibration Tool

Don’t use the Task Killer app
Android handles background applications and memory allocation very well and you shouldn’t need to end any tasks. Task Killer can also drain battery life faster than normal, therefore it is recommended you don’t use this app

Manually close an application
Android manages you applications so if the phone is running low on memory, it will close the oldest running app
If you do need to manually close an application go to Settings – Applications – Manage Applications – Running
Choose the application you want to stop and select Force Stop

Install a new keyboard on your phone
If you want a different keyboard from the default one, go to the Android Marketplace and install one you would like to use
Then open the Applications Launcher. Press Settings – Language and keyboard – Input method
Then select the keyboard you would like to use

Remove large applications
If you are running low on phone memory, you can look for your largest applications to uninstall. Go to Settings – Applications – Manage Applications and press Menu. This will then filter your apps by memory use

We hope you like these tips. They all provided courtesy of PhoneTipsAndTricks.com. Feel free to visit their website and look in the Android Tips and Tricks section.

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