5 Fantastic iPad Apps for Toddlers

For toddlers, a number of useful applications are available on the App store. You can find applications meant for both business and personal use. There are applications that are specifically targeted to a particular age group. There is no doubt that most of the applications are meant for the youth and it is surprising to find applications that are targeted for toddlers as well.

Let us check some of the wonderful applications that will give you scope to teach your toddlers and also give them ample room for entertaining.

PianoBall – PianoBall is targeted to inculcate the musical spirit right from the childhood. Your child will be able to produce music of his or her own tunes. The application presents colorful keyboard that will prompt your child to try various notes. It has five different modes to satisfy the thirst of your child’s music appetite.

You can also convert the piano into a multi-instrument keyboard giving ample scope for your child to learn about various musical instruments. If you switch the application into colorball mode, you can teach colors to your child. Your baby can learn to play popular classic songs like ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’, ‘Jingle Bells’, etc.

My Very First App – This is a gaming application that has a total of three levels. The application is the result of transformation of famous artist, Eric Carle’s hand-painted tissue into digital form. The easy stage is meant for one to three months age group. The medium stage and hard stage are targeted to entertain two and three year old babies respectively. Your baby will explore the ways to learn about colors, identification of objects and recognition of food relevant to the animal that it eats. The premium application can be customized as well giving more scope for your babies to learn with fun.

Drawing Pad – Drawing Pad is a nice application that lets your child be creative in drawing various objects. You will have number of aids to paint objects including roller pens, stickers, colored pencils, markers and crayons. The application gives access to create a number of projects and the completed files can be shared directly on Facebook or Twitter. You can also attach them to your email and forward to your relatives and friends instantly.

Shape Builder – Shape Builder is a very nice application. It is one of the oldest applications that are available on iOS based devices. Kids aged between three and six years will be able to enjoy the game as it gives room to explore a number of puzzles. The application will embed cognitive skills in your child. Your baby will be excited to find the sound effects of various musical instruments and animals.

Pat the Bunny
– This application was the result of the inspiration of one of the oldest children’s books. You can give a facelift to your kid’s reading experience. There are fourteen different textures that will give ample room for exploration and entertainment. You can turn each folio into a coloring action by switching into the musical mode. You can read the ‘Pat the Bunny’ in three different ways. As you relax in your chair you will be able to hear the text when it is read automatically or you can narrate the scene to your child yourself. The other option is that you can record narration at your own pace and playback later.

I hope, info of the above apps will help the targeted audience.


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