5 features that make the Nokia Lumia 800 stand out

We’ve already covered the Nokia Lumia 800 in the previous few weeks. There are quite a few things about the Lumia 800 which I like, like the tight Social Network Integration in the phone and easy Photo sharing to Social networks. These are features common to most Windows Phone devices out there. How does the Lumia 800 stack up against them?

Here are 5 features about this phone which makes it stand apart from the other Windows Phone devices out there.

  1. The Build: Enough can’t be said about the build quality of the Nokia Lumia 800. The curved Screen, the sleek form factor, the polycarbonate body; all this makes a really cool phone which is a pleasure to hold.
  2. Dedicated Camera Key: This is one feature missing on a lot of smart phone these days, a dedicated Camera Hardware button. The good thing about this phone is the response time to bring up the camera. Pressing the camera key has the camera up and running in 2-3 seconds. Even when the phone is off, the camera key brings up the camera in the same time.
  3. Nokia Drive:  This app is exclusive to the Nokia Lumia range of phones. Nokia drive provides you with a Turn-by-Turn Voice Navigation on your phone at no extra cost in all the major cities and towns in India. This is a big plus for the phone, since most other apps on the Marketplace providing turn-by-turn navigation are paid apps. Since you can preload your maps on the device before you head out, you won’t be spending much on data when you’re navigating your way around town.
  4. Contacts Transfer:  The Lumia 800 has an app called Contacts Transfer, which is a great help when you’re starting off fresh with this phone. If your older phone has Bluetooth connectivity, you can use this app to transfer all your contacts from the old phone to the Lumia in just a matter of minutes. The older phone needn’t be a Nokia device. When I started fresh with the Lumia 800, I transferred all my phone contacts from the Samsung Galaxy S II over to this one. This again is another Nokia Exclusive.
  5. The 1.4Ghz Processor: The fast processor on this phone makes it a pleasure to use. The faster processor on the phone really makes the Interface so smooth and fluid to use, and of course, comes in handy when you’re gaming on this device. This really does help the Lumia 800 shine!

What are your thoughts on this? Do you think there’s something else I’ve missed out on? Let me know by commenting on this article.

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4 thoughts on “5 features that make the Nokia Lumia 800 stand out”

  1. but there is no front facing camera.. when one pays 30k+ Nokia could have atleast added that.. when most of the high end smart phones have those

    Nokia seems to have lost it when it comes to pricing of Lumia 800.. it is too expensive for the hardware config that is available, an eco system that is new  and an anorexic app section with jus the nokia drive to boot??

  2. I tend to agree with the statement above about pricing, but I wish to disagree with you on the hardware. I think Not many phone user use front facing camera, and hardware is good in Lumia 800. If you want cheaper Window Phone. Find Lumia 710

    1. Thats the exact reason why Nokia Lumia 800 should have had a front facing camera so that more and more users will start using video-calling  in this  beautiful 3G phone. When u have 3g enabled phoned and priced  @ 28-30k INR the least one would expect was the inclusion of front facing camera. 
      And one more thing – Nokia Lumia 710 is not a cheap phone.

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