5 iOS games you won’t want to miss!

With the success of titles like Angry Birds, Doodle Jump, Infinity Blade and the like, mobile gaming is not something that can be taken lightly these days; but with the number of games that get through the AppStore filter everyday it’s hard to keep track of the ‘good stuff’. So after some digging around here’s a list of games that’d be worth keeping an eye out for:

1) Shadowgun 

Czech developer Madfinger Games announced their latest offering with the beginning of a new game called SHADOWGUN. Designed to run on next generation mobile hardware like the upcoming Tegra 3/Project Kal-El SoC from NVIDIA, it is touted to provide jaw dropping graphics with superb performance. Deriving a lot of its gameplay style from the Gears of War franchise, SHADOWGUN puts players into the role of John Slade, a professional bounty hunter in the year 2350. Built on the multi-platform UNITY engine, the game looks visually outstanding and probably the most advanced AppStore game since Infinity Blade. If there ever was a reason to own an NVIDIA Tegra 3 device, this game would probably be it! Head past the break to see what we mean.


Developed on the Unreal Engine, this action combat-shooter comes from the guys at Uppercut Studios (formed by veteran ex-Irrational Games developers). In a gameplay style reminiscent of Metal Gear Solid, EPOCH lets you fight through the crumbling ruins of a once-thriving civilization, as a freshly-rebooted robot that finds itself caught up in a mystery from the past. Looking to blast its way onto iOS devices in the fourth quarter of 2011. You can learn more about the game over at http://www.uppercut-games.com/

Or Just check out the Video Below.

3) Afterlife: Ground Zero

The creators of Dungeon Defenders on the iOS – Trendy Entertainment, are currently working on a project tentatively titled Afterlife: Ground Zero. The game is slated to be a survival-horror third-person shooter, and should contain some sort of cooperative gameplay. Although the project is still in its nascency, an internal gameplay video of Afterlife has surfaced over the past week and even from its development run-through’s the game shows a ton of promise. Head past the break to check out the video.

4) Machine Gun Jetpack

If you’ve played the ever-popular Fruit Ninja, Monster Dash or Age of Zombies, chances are, you’ve already heard of Halfbrick studios – and rightly so, because the Australian developer has had tremendous success on the app gaming scene. The level of quality of its games to date has been consistently outstanding. Its next big title, Machine Gun Jetpack, looks to continue the studio’s hot-streak. The gameplay can be described as a touch Monster Dash, with a bit of Copter and side-scrolling ‘shmup’ gameplay thrown in for good measure. Touching the screen lifts Barry Steakfries (remember him from Monster Dash and Age of Zombies?) upwards to dodge incoming hazards, while simultaneously shooting downwards at his enemies below. That is until he gets an awesome pick-up, like the Bad Ass Hog, a motorcycle that can jump and shoot shotgun blasts. Check out the video below to see what we mean.

5) Pokemon le Tap

Although this one seems a bit shaky to start with, the Pokemon Company has announced that Nintendo’s oh-so-lovable Pokemon franchise is headed to the iPhone (and Android Marketplace) in the form of a tap-tap styled rhythm game, aptly titled ‘Pokemon le Tap’. The app/game is currently slated for release only in Japan but with some luck, may find its way into the Asian and European markets. You might be scratching your head at this point wondering why Pikachu is headed to the AppStore, seeing as Apple is one of Nintendo’s biggest  competitors; however Nintendo has said the Pokemon Company is a separate entity by itself and is free to make its own buisness decisions. I’m no legal expert, but if Nintendo owns nearly a third of the Pokemon company as well as apart of its franchise, are they really free to call the shots?

All these games should be out sometime soon!

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