A peek at the XPERIA X10 update

The Sony Ericsson product blog just posted two new videos that show off some major enhancements on the way for the XPERIA X10.

First is the new HD video recording that supports continuous auto-focus. When filming objects in landscape or at a distance, the X10 focuses on that object. Focus remains in a relatively seamless transition to macro/up-close objects and remains continuous when going back to the object in the distance.

The X10’s custom interface has also been upgraded. The homescreen now features 5 panes on the home screen rather than 3, and each screen has been expanded to support 5 rows of icons rather than 4(will support 20 icons per screen vs. the standard 16). The new call widget also seems like a nice touch.

According to the blog, the long overdue Xperia X10 update is supposed to start rolling out by the end of October.

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