A Waterproof Tablet – Arrows Tab LTE F-01D

The basic rule of expensive electronics 101 is – Don’t get them wet. However, Fujitsu Limited, a Japanese multinational computer hardware and IT services company is stepping up its efforts to bring its LTE (Long Term Evolution) services of providing a waterproof tablet to the masses. Collaborating with NTT DOCOMO, Fujitsu has announced the H2O resistant tablet – ARROWS Tab LTE F-01D.  This joins Fujitsu’s earlier tablet in the rugged tablet range of devices. This is considered to be a welcome value-add in Japan to the time spent soaking in an ofuro (a type of bath in Japan). Along with a waterproof body, the tab features a special gesture control function that allows the user to slide its screen without using their finger. It also runs a preinstalled application called G Cloud, which is the first cloud gaming network in the world running on NTT DOCOMO launched by Ubitus Inc.

The main specs of the Fujistu arrow consists of an Android 3.2, the last version of Honeycomb before Ice cream Sandwich, a 10.1-inch screen with a LCD resolution of 1280×800 pixels, a 5.1 MP CMOS camera along with 1.3MP inner camera, micro SHDC slot, a GPS module and Bluetooth 3.0 along with wi-fi, digital TV tuner, 1 GB RAM, 16GB memory and LTE FOMA 3G support. The 181×262×11.3mm tab weighing 597gm comes with Japan’s OneSeg mobile TV. The new extended application programming interface (API) support in android 3.2 SDK lets developer to develop their applications to run properly on multiple resolutions which will be necessary since 3.2 adds supports for additional display resolutions.

The dual core 1GHZ OMAP 4 CPU enables long battery life with less heat dissipation. It’s OMAP 4 platform includes applications processors, a comprehensive software suite and a power management technology. It employs parallel processing for higher performance and better time efficiency. The symmetric multiprocessing`s (SMP’s) scalable performance activates only the cores for the particular process to reduce power consumption or substantially increase performance. This industry leading OMAP 4 platform along with the comprehensive software suite provided by Texas Instruments will be able to develop a break-through in multimedia improvements when compared to today`s most popular smart phones and best class in power management technologies with smart reflex 2 technology. It also provides faster higher quality image and video capture with digital SLR-like imaging up to 20 mega pixels.

On the launch of the tab, users can take advantage of MMORPGs (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games), where a large number of players interact with one another in virtual game world and 3D-action games. The users will have an option where they can use the free content or purchase ‘Play Tickets’. But this option is offered only on NTT DOCOMO – Japan’s largest wireless service provider.

The NTT DOCOMO’s 3G FOMA (Freedom of Mobile Multimedia Access) which is deployed in the 2GHZ frequency band, uses packet data transfer speeds to support a broad variety of applications that include Internet access, e-mail, file transfer, internet phone application and remote log-in. This 3G network uses an architecture that is completely different from 1G and 2G allowing users of various traffic types for true multimedia capability. Though this product is said to be launched by mid October, it is still unclear whether it will have an international release.

So, are you planning to buy one ?

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