Abduction for Android!!

The Aliens have abducted your fellow animals!  Its up to you to save them!

An interesting game in which you have to scale a large number of platforms to reach the alien spaceship and pick up your bovine buddies on your way up.

Abduction has a very simple gameplay mechanic and is thoroughly addictive. This game has no buttons to press as all movements are controlled by the accelerometer. This is definitely a relaxing Android game as opposed to the usual bunch of button mashers available.

There are quite a few modes of gameplay available. Adventure mode being the highlight of the game. to keep yourself you have quick game in which you have infinite modes as well, where you keep scoring until you fall off a ledge. Once you’re done with all that, there’s still the challenge mode to keep you busy.

Abduction Gameplay Modes
Abduction Game Modes

Abduction has been downloaded from the Android Market over a million times and for good reason, it’s definitely a game  worth checking out. Try the demo out first, it’ll keep you busy for hours. Then you could go on to the full version


Abduction is available for download at the Android Market over here, or you can just scan the QR Code using your phone.

You can also visit their blog at this link.

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