All's not well with the Nokia Booklet 3G

Friday 16th, October 2009 / 11:58 Written by

Nokia Booklet 3G OpenIt seems all’s not well on the Nokia Booklet 3G front. There are reports on the net that the 1GB RAM module on the booklet is soldered on the motherboard. Yep! You’re stuck with 1GB of RAM only, and cannot upgrade it even if you wanted to. This along with the fact that that the Nokia Boolet 3G runs on the Intel Atom Z530, which is not known for it’s speed, may irritate a few users, especially after paying premium price of around $600. Let’s see what users of the device say when they start using it.

Another things working against the Booklet is the glossy screen. It seems the gloss on the screen makes viewing it outdoors almost impossible. You can see how bad it is from the video below taken by tnkgrl

via liliputing

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