Amazon To Make A Smartphone

Last year Amazon released the 7-inch Kindle Fire tablet, and people liked it – it was even able to compete with the Apple iPad. Encouraged by this success, Amazon decided to create two other tablets, too, armed with even better specs and able to beat even the Nexus 7.

However, Amazon’s not going to stop at making tablets – according to Bloomberg, they’re going to make a smartphone, too, and not just a smartphone, but a very powerful one that can compete with Apple’s iPhones and all those Android phones. Not much is known about this mysterious device yet, but it seems like it’s going to be manufactured by Foxconn.

This decision wasn’t a complete surprise for anyone, not for geeks at least. Not so long ago Amazon purchased UpNext, a 3D mapping company, spread rumors about launching their own cloud-based music matching app and hired Matt Gordon, patent acquisitions expert – this made many of us think that Amazon’s planning a new device, perhaps a smartphone. Besides, Amazon has a huge digital catalog of books, music and movies, so they can use it for their phones, too.

Will Amazon be able to make a really successful and competitive smartphone? What features will it have? What platform will it run? The Kindle Fire ran an altered version of Android 2.3, but perhaps this time it won’t be Android – for this smartphone the company will most likely create a new platform. Will it succeed? After all, it’ll have to face really powerful enemies like Apple with its iPhone and iOS and a number of very, very famous Android phones like Samsung’s Galaxy S2, S3 and many others.

What do you think about Amazon’s decision to make a smartphone? Will you buy such a phone?

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