Amazon’s App Store for Android to Launch Today

According to Wired, retail giant Amazon will launch their own application store for the Android platform later today.

The main difference between this and Google’s own Android Marketplace, is that Amazon plans to curate the apps available, and the payment will be through Amazon’s portal (which Wired notes, is available in more countries than Google’s Checkout).

[ad#ga-cbox-right]It looks like the app store page,, has been taken down again (it seems it was up sometime earlier this week), but it should be up soon.

It’s worth noting though, that Rovio, the makers of Angry Birds have stated that the new Angry Birds Rio will be available exclusively through the Amazon App store. If that’s the case, and if more app developers and publishers get on the Amazon bandwagon, I wonder what Google will do.

Either way, keep an eye out: the app store should be out later today (I guess it will be a region specific rollout).

It looks like Amazon will let you “test drive” apps directly from the browser, on an emulator, which seems pretty neat. It’s better than a try before you buy, with full access (except to hardware specific drivers).

Update: You can now download the Amazon Appstore for your Android Device from this link:

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Source: Wired

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