And the Ice Cream Sandwich wheels starts rolling…or so we thought (updated)

We’ve all been waiting for it, to see some of our beloved Android 2.3 Gingerbread devices get some tasty updates.

Sense 3.6 OTA update
HTC Sensation Android 4.0 OTA update

It started with HTC secretly rolling out their updates for the Sensation and Sensation XE in Nordic countries, these lucky devices have received the much awaited Sense 3.6 served on top of a slice of Android 4.0. This update was first reported over XDA by some folks taking part in the HTC Elevate program, but later we heard from users there not in the program that they too were receiving the update. The HTC Headquarters soon confirmed “broader availability later this month”.

It wasn’t long after this before another big name jumped on the Ice Cream Sandwich update wagon though.

ICS update for SGS2
Official Android 4.0 update for i9100 announced by Samsung

That’s right, March 10th and the date is set. Samsung have said it will only be a matter of days before Samsung Galaxy S II owners get there well deserved Android 4.0 – TouchWiz UI styled – available through Kies and FOTA, but it’s only going to be ready on the i9100 (international version) for now. Some things to take note of in the release notes is that the update will include Face Unlock (as expected), Android Beam, data usage monitoring, and multitasking and some applications have been improved. We’re sure there are more features not noted, but strangely the site specifies that because of “ICS OS Feature”, Flash and Bluetooth 3.0 HS is not supported.

The update is to come to the many SGSII variants and their individual carriers in due time, but not without plenty of testing on their end first. At least this and HTC’s rollout of Sense 3.6 to the Nordic countries today means that the ICS train is finally gaining some momentum. For readers out there with i9100, check out the link below to Samsung’s site for more information and instructions on the update.

Samsung Update Details

XDA: ICS HTC Sensation Update

UPDATE: Samsung’s official Twitter account has gone back on the words written on its official website. Samsung says that the March 10th date was a mistake posted by its Filipino website and that the actual upgrade date has not yet been established.

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