Android App for Reporting Spam SMS and Calls to your Operator

I’m sure a lot of us have registered for the National Do Not Disturb registry to get rid of all the unsolicited calls and messages we get everyday. But like the rest of you, I still get a ton of calls asking if I need a Credit Card or Home loans everyday. Text messages ranging  from Insurance plans to Lottery Winnings still pour in everyday. In fact, a day when I don’t receive such messages, I know either my phone’s run out of battery, or I’m out of cellular range. Don’t take the hammer to your phone yet, stick on find out how you can complain about these

How do you Complain?

The TRAI does have a method for us mortals to complain about these calls and messages. Unfortunately, it’s in such a cryptic format that I really find it hard to craft out on a touch screen keyboard. If you didn’t know, you can send a complaint in the following format to the number 1909 :

COMP TEL NO XXXXXXXXXX;dd/mm/yy;Time in hh:mm; short description of Unsolicited Commercial Communication

where xxxxxxxx is the telephone number which sent you that unsolicited message, followed by the date and time you received the message . Could you keep crafting such messages everytime you want to complain? No wonder these folks who spam us stay in business.

An Android App to the rescue

Hunting around the Google Play store, I found this app which makes sending in your complaints a matter of a few clicks. Download the app called India Against Spam from Google Play, and start sending in your complains. Once you install and startup the app, you’ll get a list of the messages you received in the past three days. Just click on the message you want to report. This opens up a screen showing you the message which the app is going to send out.

As you can see in the screenshot, the app has created an SMS in the prescribed format required and waits for your confirmation to send it out. Clicking in the Send button submits it to your operator. You should get a confirmation from your operator within minutes after your report.

The app also allows you to report unsolicited calls as well. If you haven’t yet entered your number into the DND list, you may not be able to report these calls and messages. Fortunately, the app allows you to register for the DND service as well. So now there’s no excuse for not reporting those pesky telemarketing calls and messages.


India Against Spam-AwardWinner
India Against Spam-AwardWinner
Developer: Deepak J
Price: Free+

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