Android gains while Apple looses according to Quantcast

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On Quantcast’s latest blog post, in a report of mobile web consumption in North America, Android gained 18.6% this year  while Apple’s iOS  fell by 11.4%. Quantcast also mentioned in the blog post that August 2010 was the best month in terms of gains for the Android user community since November 2009.
Just to see if the numbers were in sync, I did check up on another service’s report, and did see the corresponding dip for iPhone and the rise of the number for Android, but Stat Counter showed RIM to be in the second place for North America. Click on the image to get the bigger picture.

The worldwide Mobile OS numbers from Stat Counter shows that Symbian devices still outsell both Android and Apple phones ouside of the US. What about the numbers here in India? Well, the Stat Counter reports for Mobile OS usage in India show that both iPhone and Android user base has a very, very long way to go to catch up with Symbian.

Does this spike in the numbers for  Android show that Android users are using more internet off their devices, or is it the number of Android users increasing? Let us know your thoughts by commenting below. Thanks to Praveen for the heads up.

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