Android gets some Flickr Love, Finally

Flickr has finally launched an official version of their app on the Android market, according to their latest blog post. Android users so far had to contend with third party apps to share photos and media from their phones on Flickr. The new Flickr app brings in this functionality as well as some other cool features.

Apart from the ability to share photos from your phone’s Gallery, you can also snap pictures directly from the app, and apply basic filters on your photo, add a title and description to them before you upload them to your Flickr Account. You can also share your latest uploads through your social networks and email as well, once it’s uploaded.

The app also provides a Flickr browser, which allows you to go through your friends photos and favorite or comment on them straight from the app. Now you no longer have to go to the web site to perform these features.

The coolest feature is yet to come – the Photo Session. You can start a Photo session and invite your friends to join in. Once they do, you can all get together and browse the photos in realtime. So whenever you move through the photos, so do your friends. You can chat and doodle on the photos with the tools built into the app. Sounds great doesn’t it? Here’a video showing you  how the Photo Session on Flickr works.

Scan this code using your Android PhoneIf you can’t wait any longer to get the Flickr app, here’s the link to it on the Android Market. You can also scan the QR code on the right using your phone to get to the download link directly.

For more information on this app, check Flickr’s blog post and the Flickr Android App page.

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