Android invades the Home – In an Oven Actually

Dacor Android Oven
The Consumer Electronics Show is no stranger to surprises. This year’s haul includes the proliferation of Google’s Android mobile OS making the leap in to everyday equipment. From an oven running Android 4.0.2 to rice cookers and refrigerators, home automation via the internet looks to be the new techie trend. All this hits the news at the same time as a brand new Android tablet by Lenovo, the IdeaTab, raises the bar for what we expect of thin and light products. Let’s take a look at how the ecosystem is meant to work together.

Davor’s Android-powered oven was the definitive centrepoint for Android-powered home automation gear. A 30-inch built-in oven combined with an Android companion app lets you pick your meal from a recipe card, and have the oven adjust its timings and temperatures instantly.

Described by PCMag as a “game changer for novice chefs”, the companion app allows you to pick and choose types of food (even allowing for weight and density), desired consistencies and the time you’re planning on being at table. If there’s a problem, the app will inform you instantly. A luxury steal at $4,499.

Chinese consumer goods manufacturer Hisense brought their own angle on Android-powered home automation to this year’s CES. Packing both a fridge and air conditioner, Hisense were one of many home automation enterprises pushing the energy-saving potential of fully integrated smart gear. LG are pushing a washer, dryer and smart fridge on the same platform.

All of this centralised automation equipment comes just as top-end manufacturers are introducing automation management devices. Lenovo pushed out the K900 smartphone, the world’s first Intel Clover Trail+ device, with Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean. It’s smaller, thinner and lighter than its predecessor – the K800 – which might just make it perfectly-suited to carrying around at all times to control virtually anything in the home. LG’s washer will even let you know your laundry’s done if you’re out.

As Phil Nickinson, editor for Android Central, makes clear: 2013 is only just beginning. CES is exciting, glitzy and impressive, but it’s only the start of the year. This year, then, looks to be the year of home automation. Android, with its wide developer community, broad device compatibility and low-cost development framework, seems to be the OS of choice in creating the Internet of Things. What do we think we’ll be seeing later down the line?

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