Android Phones Send Messages to the Wrong Contact

Did you know that your Android phone could potentially send a text message to the wrong contact and you’d never know till that person told you?

Imagine you send a confidential text message to your boss and it ends up being delivered to one of your collegues or the otherway around? Well, it seems that if you use the stock messaging app on your Android phone, and reply to a thread in the conversation mode, it’s possible that someone else receives your text mesage. Even though the messaging app shows that it went to the right contact, it actually goes to the wrong one.

It seems that this is not a new bug, but it’s been first reported in the Android’s Bug tracker in June 2010. If you’re interested in looking at the bug report, check out issue 9392. Quite a few users have been able to replicate this bug in various handsets like the Nexus One, HTC Desire, Motorola Droid and others.

6312 have starred the issue, which means that at least that many users have faced this problem till date and reported this on this thread.What’s surprising is that this issue is not yet closed, which means that it could still happen to you people! Once this bug is actually fixed, I’m sure it’ll take quite a while to actually hit the devices. We all know how slow a firmware upgrade is when it has to pass through the manufacturers, carriers and then the phone.

So if I were you, I’d be very careful about what text message I send using my Android Phone. It’s back to my Nokia N8 for confidential messaging till this is fixed and the firmware update actually hits my Galaxy S.

via Slashdot and Engadget

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