Apple dumps Chomp App

Apple had acquired the search application tool less than one year ago. As per the latest news, Apple has annihilated the Chomp mobile app, as well as removed the traces of its website.

Chomp app was very versatile. It offered an interface through which you can search for applications of various categories including shopping, musical instruments, fun games, news, to do list, discounts, social networking, photography and texting.

History of Chomp App

Chomp was founded by Ben Keighran and Cathy Edwards in 2009. Chomp was successful in adding more than 300,000 users within a span of 8 weeks after its launch. The San Francisco based ‘application search engine company’ had received 2.5 million towards funding. Chomp’s features were further enhanced by offering a number of functionalities. The services were available in the form of mobile application or as a search box inside a website. The chomp service was discontinued from September 30, 2012.

Chomp’s Absence & Implications

If you had installed Comp in the past and now try to use the Chomp app on your iOS based gadget, the app no longer works and searching for the app on the iTunes Store will not get any search results rather you will be routed to the App Store where results will be served. If you would like to access the website,, then you will be redirected to the Apple website. When Siri was acquired by Apple, it had done the same thing. When users tried to access Siri website, they were routed to the Apple website. However, it happened when the Siri voice assistant was made integral with the iPhone 4S. It is a different story with Chomp as the application is present nowhere but bits and pieces of the app can see in the iTunes App Store on iOS 6.

Chomp’s Indirect Presence

Chomp was launched in the beginning of the year 2010. It was used to search for applications based on their functions rather than on the name. Even though it was made to search for Apple applications in the beginning, the application got access to search for Android applications the following year. Thereafter, the services to search Android applications were stopped in April, 2012 after Chomp was acquired by Apple.

Even though Chomp was chopped off in the virtual world, its presence in Apple’s App Store cannot be ruled out. It is believed that Apple had successfully implemented the technology in the search tools that are employed to search through the App store. This was done as part of the recent iOS6 revamp. The new application store offers improvements in the backend. This is reflected in application discovery. However, the new layout failed to convince the hearts of many users.

As per the new changes, only one application will be displayed on the screen in the form of card or pane. Chomp used to display a list of applications and you can scroll these applications. However, iPad users are benefited with the new layout. Chomp service comes to an end on the same day where Ping’s services are halted and users will also experience less storage space on iCloud.

Apple is well known for the presentation of user-friendly features. In the coming days, users will certainly be able to enjoy more intuitive features in the AppStore search mechanism.

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