Apple Fanboy’s letter to Steve Balmer about the Nokia Lumia 900

Here’s an interesting letter which came up on Microsoft’s Windows Phone website. It’s a letter from an Apple “Fanboy” to Steve Balmer with his view of the Nokia Lumia 900 which he recently purchased. He also goes on to say that he also tried a Motorola Razr apart from the iPhone as well.

Here’s some highlights from his email which was published:

  • I actually use my phone as a phone. That concept seems to get lost in many product reviews. One of my employees actually thanked me for getting rid of my iPhone as it was so much easier to hear me.
  • Everything after set up has been painless as well. Adding apps, setting up email accounts, etc. I thought the iPhone was good. Your set up was actually smoother and took less time.
  • My family owns five vehicles, including two Fords with Sync. The 4S didn’t support all functions in any of them. My Nokia 900 was flawless out of the box.

Go on to the Windows Phone site to read the full email Steve G wrote – Apple fanboy loves his Windows phone

Now I really don’t know who Steve G – the Apple Fanboy who wrote this email is, but most of the points he covered in the email is certainly true. What do you say? Let us know by leaving us a comment.

via WMPoweruser and Microsoft

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