Apple Promises Fixing of iPhone 4S’s Battery Issues

Users of Apple who have raved about iPhone 4S are now facing battery issues. Though the battery is expected to have 200 hours of standby time; owners of iPhone 4S are facing shorter battery life time. Significant users of apple iPhone 4s complain that what started as full charge in the battery made them running to the charger by bed time. They are made to get up with a dead phone if they did not charge the phone before hitting the hay. Many issues can be seen in Apple’s forum. Users say that their battery is going worse since software update and the battery loses 10 percent of its power each hour.


The company wanted to know what is happening in the iPhone which is making the battery to go down. The app developer tested various iPhone 4S devices to see if it was hardware or software that was causing the problem. The developer used 2 phones, one with battery problem and other without problem. The phones which were brought were made to run on iOS 5.0.1. To check whether it was hardware problem, he backed up both phones and factory reset both of them. Then, he restored the devices with different back up. They found drastic changes in the battery functioning. At last, the company says the issues in the battery are due to a bug in the iOS operating system (Software). They did not elaborate on the issue.

This annoyance needed fixing and the company after hearing the issues sent out software to correct the flaw. Users still complain that the software remedy did not function efficiently to correct the malfunction. Stuart Robinson, director of handset component technologies told MacNews World about the complexity of smartphones and said there will be bugs on every phone. Users have began to feel this and started to see the glitches in the upcoming smartphones. They are feeling that the iPhones are not meeting their expectations. Nowadays, the smartphones do not offer impressive battery life.

Though Apple spends a lot of time developing their software, there is a little time between the final version in the test and the release of that version. This is not the first time the Apple Company facing criticism about their device from their early buyers. They have already faced a controversy on their previous iPhone. The problem with the previous iPhone was that the antenna would lose signal when gripped certain way. This problem is known as antennagate. Though the company gave a snappish response at first, they gave free cases to address the errors, which prevented the antenna problem and the sales continued to be strong.

The battle of battery problem did not end. The company this time took the battery issue quickly and promised to fix it soon. They said that the battery longevity shortcomings are surely fixable. Company believes that the problem will be repaired soon and the sales won’t be hurt. If the company finds a solution, it will escape from previous embarrassment that it had faced on antenna issues and will make a good impact in the minds of people.


Image Credits: iFixit

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    iPhones are good when used with 3G services but they can only be found in urban
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