Apple take pole position, for now

Research firm, IDC, have released figures pertaining to global smartphone sales, and much to Apple’s pleasure, they have topped all manufacturers for the first time in the iPhone’s short but eventful history. Nokia, which has topped the list for some time now has seen its marketshare drop drastically and is placed third behind Samsung and Apple. In the second quarter of 2011, Apple shifted 20.3 million iPhones worldwide followed by Samsung with 17.3 million smartphones.

Interestingly, Samsung are coming on at leaps and bounds; the Korean outfit have seen a 380% increase in sales over last years figures, whereas Apple notched a relatively modest 130% increase. Unfortunately for Nokia, they recorded a -30% deficit in sales over the same period. Samsung’s diverse range of smartphones are well on course to displace Steve Jobs and Co. from the top spot in the coming months. Then again, isn’t there a new iPhone around the corner?

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