Apps for the Week – TimeHop, LinkBubble, Gravity Screen and Vuclip

Timehop – Back to the Past

timehop app screenshotTimehop is one of those interesting apps, which once you try out, you keep going back for more. The app timehops to back to the past and shows what you shared over the years on your various networks on today’s date. For example since I opened the app on 28th March, I will be able to see what I did on 28th March last year and the years before that.

What I found addictive about the app is that it shows almost everyday with my photos and status updates from the various social networks I had connected to the app. Some of the networks supported are – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Foursquare and Dropbox. They also have instructions on how to connect your photo sources from your PC or Mac to their service if you wish to do so.

Timehop has been around in the iOS world for sometime now. It’s only now that the Android mortals can install the app on their devices. Take it out for a spin and tell us what you think.

Download from iTunes:

Android download from Google Play:
Developer: Timehop
Price: Free

Link Bubble – Revolutionises Mobile Browsing

This Android only app will change the way you use your mobile phone browser. Usually when you click on a link within an app, it usually asks if you want to open the link in the browser. The usual problem is that you get kicked into the browser and have to wait a while for the page to load, and then hit back to get back to the app. Sound complicated? Yes, it is and it gets in the way of productivity.

Link Bubble aims to changes this paradox. All you need to do is to install the app and launch it once. After that, anytime you click on a link in any app, you’ll see a Link Bubble open on the side of the screen. You can continue using the app as you let Link Bubble load the page in the background, and once it’s loaded, it’ll show up the page on the screen for you to read.

You no longer have to switch between apps and wait for the page to load, you save time there. The premium version of the app also allows you to open multiple ‘bubbles’ at a time, saving you even more time.

Android download from Google Play:

Gravity Screen – Turn Your Screen on without the power button

There’s tap to wake, swipe to wake, sweep to wake and so on. I found gravity screen via (which is a nice quick read source btw), and I have to say, Gravity Screen is awesome. You can control various aspects of screen off and on in various different scenarios using the gyroscope and accelerometer on your Android phone. Must try.

Android download from Google Play:

Gravity Screen - On/Off
Gravity Screen - On/Off
Developer: Plexnor
Price: Free+

Vuclip – For your video fix

Vuclip’s Android app Search and view video clips on your phone. This app offers access to videos in more than 20 languages across genres such as News, Sports, fashion, television, celebrities and more. They also cover videos in local languages like Hindi, Bengali, Malayalam, Tamil, Kannada among others. If you don’t find a video you are looking for from the suggestions, you can also search within the app for more.

The app also allows you to download videos onto your phone so you can stock up on videos for when you’re out and about. This helps you save on clostly mobile data rates. If you find a video you’d want to share, Vuclip provides share options to send out your message to your friends.

Android download from Google Play:

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