Archos announces 5 new Android based Internet Tablets

We’ve had a recent influx of Android based tablets in the last few months.

 ARCHOS 28 internet tablet
ARCHOS 28 internet tablet

The latest to join the fray is ARCHOS, well known for their mp3 players and earlier range of Android tablets. These tablets have serious potential, especially in a very Android friendly world we live in.

The tablets vary from the tiny 2.8″ screen to the massive 10.1″ version. Most of the tablets run the latest version of Android 2.2 (Froyo). Variety does seem to be the spice of life in this case with ARCHOS offering a wide arrays of screen sizes, catering to all possible requirements. With tiny 2gb flash disks to 500gb hard drives.

The biggest of them screen-wise is the Archos 10i Internet Tablet, with a 10 inch screen and 8 or 16 GB flash storage. The Archos 7o comes with a hard disk series with 250GB hard-disk for carrying your media with you, and the Archos 28 is the cheapest of the lot at $99. To really find out what suits your needs the best, we suggest you head over to the ARCHOS site and see for yourself. The options are seemingly endless and tech specs unending.

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