Are Android Users Secure Enough vis-a-vis Counterparts?

Smart phones are everywhere these days and its market is at its boom today. Knowing the importance to stay a step ahead of clients and colleagues in a busy life, smart phones have become an integral part of everyday schedule of many people. An easy quick access to the web and be in touch with clients or family anytime, anywhere gives the smart phone an edge over other cellular handsets.

They are certainly more than just cellular devices. As a smart phone user, one must know the importance of security and protection of sensitive information stored on their phones. Unfortunately, not many of the smart phone users know about smart phone security, how to protect it from malware and virus attacks and recover the lost devices.

A survey done by a popular online consumer electronics shopping and review site, Retrevo, claims that Android users are least prepared, almost ignorant about their phone’s security. Though its competitors, BlackBerry and Apple have security options right in place; Google’s Android has not yet scaled up to address its security concerns.

Some of the major highlights of the survey are jotted down below –

  • 39% of the Android users haven’t done anything to prevent people from the misuse of the data on their phones and only 19% have had other security measures set up on them (compared to 61% of iPhone users and 62% of Black berry users who are password-protected on their respective phones).
  • When asked on the recovery service to detect lost phones on their devices, 39% of Android owners said they didn’t know how they would get back their lost phone. Only 18% of Android users had the recovery service of the lost device (compared to 37% of iPhone users and 28% of Blackberry users who use the recovery service).
  • When asked if their cell phones were prone to malware, only 32% of Android users opine they could get a malware on their phones and 27% of them didn’t know anything about the issue(compared to 36% of iPhone owners who knew that they are prone to virus/malware and 30% of the iPhone owners knew nothing about it).

Retrevo’s survey clearly indicates that Android owners are far behind in the security race when compared to its competitors, Blackberry and Apple iPhone. Apple and RIM have a reason to heave a sigh of relief that at least two-thirds of their users have password protection on their phones in place when compared to just half of it in Android users. Both the companies are taking best efforts to keep their customers safe and secure from malware, spyware and viruses and to help their customers in every possible way.

But it’s not fair enough to judge Android at this stage, since it is a new entrant to the smart phone market. Android platform is available with many devices today and their introduction in the smart phone arena has just begun. It is considered as less secure only because it’s an open-source platform and hence, is more vulnerable to many dangers. It is too early a judgement to rate them as ignorant and consider them unprepared for security concerns. We believe it is only a matter of time before Google comes with a solution to address this issue and discard the results of this survey.

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