Armageddon Squadron for S60v5 Phones

Armageddon Squadron is a Game for Nokia’s S60 v5 devices and has been developed by Polarbit and is available for asq_titledownload at the Ovi store.

Right from the main menu the game offers a lot of promise with an incredibly slick menu interface, and a lot of though seems to have gone into the design. The graphics are really good with vibrant colours so you won’t go getting confused between enemy fighters and the terrain.  Controls are easy to use, no multi-touch confusion on this game (phew).

The story line is quite intriguing and you don’t get to play just on the Allied side, the story line keeps shifting from Allied to Axis.  Quite often you’d bomb a German base as an Allied fighter, and in the next mission you’d be a German Messerschmidt fighting off the allied forces who just bombed your base.

Apart from the campaign mode, you could also try out the regular arcade mode in which you can select the aircraft, number of enemies, time limit and so on. If you’re tired of combat and the prospect of dog-fighting bogs you down, you could try out the time attack, which is a non-combat mission where you fly your plane through a series of loops while dodging terrain. you’d have to be pretty tired of combat to try this mode out though.

At 8.31 mb it is definitely one of the larger games available at the Ovi store, even if you’re on a GPRS connection

its definitely worth a download.

Armageddon Squadron is available now on Ovi Store for € 3.00, you can check it out over here.

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