Astrid Task Manager Chrome Webapp Review

Who says task managers cannot be fun? Astrid is an excellent chrome webstore app which is fun to use and is fully functional. The Astrid app is also available for android and iOS. And all the tasks you create and edit are automatically synced across your desktop, laptop and mobile once you log in to your Astrid Account.

Here’s my video review of the App (more after the video):


1. Funny messages, cute pics and icons
2. Email, human like interface
3. Lists level sharing to keep work separate from home/roommates
4. Photo upload for comments
5. URLs can be clickable from the description section
6. Weekly outlook email

What can be better

1. Subtasks feature will be handy
2. Tasks due date default set to never (by default)
3. A true chrome extension which shows tasks without having to go to the website
4. Call me old fashioned, but a mobile site is very useful


Astrid on Chrome Webstore | Astrid for iOS | Astrid for Android

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