Battlefield: Bad Company 2 arrives on the Xperia Play

Charge up your Xperia Play and say hello to those sore thumbs (and other appendages, depending on how you play!?) – EA games have just launched Battlefield: Bad Company 2 exclusively for the Playstation-certified handset. After titles like PES 2011, Wipeout and Syphon Filter, BBC2 is the next big title to jump on the Xperia Play bandwagon.

The game is based on the popular first-person shooter which was released for consoles and PC’s earlier in the year. Complete with full 3D graphics, the game features 14 single-player missions set across 5 different battle zones, following some familiar names – Marlowe, Sweetwater and Redford, complete with their brand of ‘squaddie’ banter. Plus, there’s a varied arsenal of weapons and vehicles at your disposal, to help ensure that you can save the world before bedtime!

The game should be available to download from the ‘Get Games’ app on the Xperia Play but is currently priced at around $7.99 or £5 (which isn’t a bad deal considering it is a triple-A title!). Seeing as it as an Xperia Play exclusive, chances of it making an appearance on the Android Marketplace appear slim; well at least until the exclusivity time runs out. Head past the break to check out some BBC2 button mash-up

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