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So, the latest buzz in the tech world is that Amazon is coming up with its very own Tablet PC, tentatively before October this year, to strengthen its position in the market where competition exists in the form of Kindle and iPad; not to mention hordes of other brands coming up with their own versions of Tablets. So, let’s take a closer look at what separates Amazon’s New Tablet PC from all the others.

The tablet will have a 9 inch screen. It will be supported by Google’s android operating system. It is being said to be manufactured by Quanta computers. The processor will be a power packed dual core OMAP4 with a remarkable speed of 1.5 GHz. The Tablet will have a SSD backing of 16 GBs.  Now, it is true that this is not much. However, with Amazon’s cloud drive, there is a fair chance that the idea will be to encourage users to store their music and data in the cloud and not in your machine. You can also rent your favorite movies and videos from Amazon instant video.

Amazon is all set to launch their Tablets in two versions. One is just with Wi-Fi, while the other comes with a 3G support. The 3G version of the tablet will also have additional support from some telecom partner. The price of the 3G model will also be standardized according to popularity and extra support costs. Amazon intends to launch this as an out and out Tablet. It will have reader apps but it will be much more than that. This speculation is being based on the fact that Amazon has taken steps to invest in customized apps for business and enterprises to be included in the Tablet. Other than that, you can always download your favourite apps from the Amazon Android App store.

Amazon is targeting a production of about 1.5 million Tablets within a very short time frame. This will put it in direct competition with the leader in the Tablet market which is by far the iPad from Apple Inc. Apple gives the support of iTunes to its users who want to download movies, videos, music etc. However, Amazon is already way ahead in this regard since it has a variety of apps, Kindle reader and much such interesting software for users to download and use.

It is true that with Apple’s iPad in the market, most Android tablets have been having a hard time getting their products up front. Apple has always produced specific digital software, tunes and content to market their devices. Amazon is taking a roundabout route by marketing the Kindle Tablet for increased business for its cloud drive, video and app store. However, if Amazon can pull off its Kindle Tablet within a comparable price range of the iPad or maybe even cheaper, it has a shot at ruling the market.

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