Burn the Ropes Worlds for iOS and Android

Big Blue Bubble releases “Burn the Rope – Worlds” for Android and iOS

Burn the Ropes Worlds for iOS and AndroidWhen ‘Burn the Rope’ was released in iOS last year during December, it set the gaming world on fire. This game quickly rose to the top of puzzle charts for all portable gamers. Later, Big Blue Bubble, one of the leading developers of video games in Canada and the proud maker of ‘Burn the Rope’ announced the sequel called “Burn the Rope – Worlds” for Android and iOS this month. It is the same old game with new game play tweaks and some new modes, but definitely better than its predecessor.

In the original game, the player has to burn the rope as soon as possible without letting the flames burn out. The basic law of physics is used here, as flames burns only upwards, the device used to play should be kept moving constantly in upward direction. There will be bugs each with their unique reactions crawling around the rope. For instance the water bug shoots up water everywhere and the explosive bug explodes, whereas the sequel contains hundred new levels that are spread across four themes which includes jungle, fantasy, Mechanical and space. The controls are similar to the previous edition and turning corners are much easier this time. But then, there is an unnecessary feature where the speed of the flame can be increased by tapping the phone.

The casual mode has no colored ropes and thus the game can be completed at an earlier time. Also switching to another mode from casual mode is allowed here while the progress is shared between them. The player has the choice to select the type of flame, size of rope and its speed. There is also a choice to choose the difficulty level. When the difficult selection is chosen, the player is taken to the mode where the controlling ball of flame is kept constantly moving and the player has to move the device accordingly. If the player hits the ice, the game starts all over again.

The Puzzle of the day is yet another game that comes with ‘Burn the Rope – Worlds for Android’. This provides one puzzle a day for free. The nicest part is that the player can play up to five of previous puzzles of the day and tomorrow’s puzzle can be unlocked for $.99 permanently. Also the developer additionally announced that they may have additional levels for everyday.

However, Big Blue Bubble are promising for a ‘totally new and unique game play mechanics combined with the well known game play and visual style‘. They said, “It’s a little something old and a little something new“.  The game mode is aimed to play in a more relaxed way and is expecting a huge success in the market. You can take a look at the Trailer for this game right after the download links.

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