BlindType! Now owned by Google!

BlindType is a program that takes into account our (read: my) inherent fumbling with the tiny onscreen keyboard and converts what seems to be garbled text into coherent sentences.

BlindTypet uses the relative positions of your fingers on the screen to figure out what you what to type out. Allowing  you to completely ignore the keyboard and type pretty much anywhere you want. The impressive part is the amount of allowance for error the program gives the user. Unfortunately there isn’t a beta version out yet, so we can’t give you a first hand report on what BlindType is like to use.

Watching the video below would explain things a lot better. Anyway the interesting bit of news is that Google has just bought over  BlindType.  You could check out the message over at the BlindType blog.

Will we see this soon becoming a standard on all Android phones? One thing for sure, BlindType seems to be one of those programs that once you start using , it’ll be really difficult to settle for anything else.

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