Blog platforms where you can post from Nokia Lifeblog

Nokia Lifeblog not just can save all your daily activities, but also can post to your favorite blogging platforms, except one of the favorites! Some of the platforms can have both text and images posted in them through the lifeblog, but everything depends on their settings.

Here are a few blog platforms which you can post into, using your Nokia lifeblog –
G-Blogs – Blog about anything and create blogs, have moblogs for blogging through mobile phones and this can come into best use with Lifeblog. Check out this page on how to activate Lifeblog with G-Blogs.

LifeLogger – This can be integrated for both the Symbian S60 mobile app, and also the Windows PC version of Lifeblog. You have to activate Mobile Blogging and follow the steps as here to set up Lifeblog for LifeLogger. Check out this page for more information.

LiveJournal – One of the famous blogging platforms which is a good one for writing online journals and blogging, and adding pictures from mobile through Lifeblog can be done by checking here.

Phlog – A photo uploading and sharing website where you can upload images from anywhere, and so Nokia phones also included. But that requires just a few settings which can be done by checking here.

Typepad – Another good platform for blogging, and you can post text, image or videos from your mobile phone into your typepad blog. Here is a detailed description on how to post some data from Nokia mobile into the typepad blog.

WordPress – As everyone knows, its one of the best blogging platforms but direct settings for integration is not possible, so there is a wordpress plugin from softpedia to do that. Here is a post on how to integrate lifeblog to wordpress blog. Its an easy way as the main part of it is the wordpress plugin which is easy to install and set up.

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