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Sure, these days you get Android phones with all kinds of different hardware specs, but does it work for you? Not happy with the LED flash on that phone and want a Xenon one, or want a 12MP camera instead of a 5? If you are one of the few who are not satisfied with what the manufacturers are churning out, here’s some good news. Now you can build your own Android phone, and have it delivered to you.

Synapse Phones allows you to configure your phone’s specifications and have it custom made for you. Their base phone run on a 1GHz processor and comes with Android 2.2. All the basic features like GPS, bluetooth and accelerometer come with the device. From there you can go on to configure your phone’s hardware, and select all the other goodies like a higher megapixel camera, multimedia, memory specs and more. Remember that the additional stuff you add on to the phone adds to the cost! A maxed out device goes up to around 670 Euros.

It looks like they had such a rush of people going over to their site to check it out, that their site was down most of last week. I just saw this site back online today, but the pre-order button at the end of the order form was still not operational.

But if you are looking to get your own custom Android phone, this is one to check out – their site is

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