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Mobile phones have changed the lifestyles of people around the world, more so with the introduction of smartphones and smart mobile applications. Mobile Applications help achieve different tasks with ease and are smart enough to carry out various official and household tasks in less time with less inputs. It is easy to plan your holidays, navigate to new places and do so much more. Among the many applications that have an impact on our lives, applications that take care of our health are worth checking out. In this scenario, a new application was launched for iPhone users which will help you gauge your caffeine intake.

Let’s find more about this application. Perhaps this is the best way to utilize the growth of science to improve our health.

Two doctors working at Penn State are the reason behind this innovation. They  came out with an application that can optimize coffee intake through the day. This will ensure that you will not consume excess caffeine (be it in the form of coffee, tea or any other product that contains caffeine). The application ‘Caffeine Zone’, was developed by Dr. Frank Ritter and Dr. Kuo-Chuan Yeh. The human body requires anywhere between 200 and 400 grams of caffeine per day to keep the mind alert. The application is capable of estimating caffeine levels in your blood stream and as soon as the levels fall beyond a certain degree, the application will trigger an alarm to order your next cup of coffee.

The application displays two bars, one in green  and another in blue. The green bar indicates that you have adequate levels of caffeine in your body. The blue bar will be highlighted when the level drops down to 50 and below 50. Basically, you should ensure that the application always highlights the blue bar when you are ready to go to bed. This way, you won’t have to worry about caffeine fueled sleepless nights. The application will also warn you if you are consuming excess caffeine, which could be from different sources such as snacks, chocolates and gums in addition to normal liquid intakes. The settings in the application can be customized as per your requirements as well. The application can be downloaded and installed free of cost if you are using any iOS supported device, although it is ad-supported. The ad-free app costs $0.99.

Caffeine Zone will be useful to maintain caffeine in the blood stream at optimum levels and to make sure that  you do not to consume excess of it which affects your sleep and thus your overall health. Many more applications are expected to be launched in the health care sector: Applications to reduce stress levels in the body, to gauge the heart beat, lung functionality and brain functionality will have immense potential for success. There are already applications that track your alcohol consumption levels. It’s a nice way to use technology to safeguard our lives. As you move on with high-tech gadgets, let the same technology take care of your life!

You can download the Free version of Caffeine Zone from the App Store, here and the Paid version, here.

There’s a similar program available for Android users called Caffeine Tracker. You can download the Lite version from the Market, here. There’s also a paid version for $0.99, which you can download here.

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