Can Apple’s iOS 5 take on the new tech wave?

Apple’s iOS 5 is in buzz in tech circles. This is the most up-to-date OS version from Apple that can be used in iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Padded with voluminous updates, the new OS comes with enhanced features. One of the most attractive features is the ability to sync data across Apple iOS 5 enabled devices. For example, if you are adding a new photo album on iPhone, the album can be accessed on iPod Touch and iPad. Thanks to the inherent iCloud support provided through iOS 5. The devices which are loaded with iOS 5 will be automatically subsumed for iCloud services.


For the first time ever, users of iPhone, iPod and iPad are made PC free as they are able to perform operations on these iOS 5 devices without depending on PC connection. iOS 5 has significantly delivered iPod from PC bondage. With the new iOS 5, first time setup is made easy. The setup will guide you with automatic prompting to choose location-based services, enable Wi-Fi, restoration of data from iCloud, setting up new Apple device afresh, option to activate iCloud, Find my iPhone and Diagnostics and Usage, etc. Now, it is even possible to have online backup of data through iCloud. Of course, it is not possible to contain the entire volume of your iPhone on the available 5GB free online space. You can restrict the applications that will utilize the free space, so that you will be able to manage the online space selectively for specific important applications. The iOS 5 software will be updated automatically if you opt for the same by changing the settings. You can name your iOS device without being connected to any PC.

Another noteworthy change can be found in elimination of annoying notifications. Presentation of banner notifications, the new notification center and other enhancements to lock screen notifications will help you work without being disturbed. You can also work smoothly without losing control on the screen that you are working on, even when you try to close the notification window. This is one of the bugs (traced in previous versions) fixed by Apple to bring more comfort to users. The new notification center includes two new widgets, one for weather and the other for stock news. These notifications will appear in the notification center if you opt for the same in the settings. These widgets can be arranged automatically in which case the notifications will appear based on time, the most recent notification topping the list.

The new iMessage gives you complete freedom to send unlimited messages among iOS 5 enabled devices. As the message utilizes 3G or Wi-Fi connectivity instead of traditional voice carriers’ service, you will be able to send unlimited messages absolutely free of cost. The new Twitter settings will help you upload pictures and content without adding the location-based information. If you want to attach the location-based information to the Tweet automatically, the settings have to be changed on your Twitter homepage. Besides other user-friendly changes in mailing, gaming and surfing environment, the new iOS 5 will take a long way in attracting and entertaining users like never before.

Have you had a ride on this new iOS 5?

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