Data Recovery from Small Storage Devices

SD cards and USB drives are an easy way to transfer data from one electronic device to another device. You can easily transfer photos stored on SD card by inserting the card into the card reader slot on your laptop; it’s all just plug and play. Small storage devices are available at really low prices. Although there are plenty of tools to recover data from computer drives, there are fewer tools to recover data from small storage devices.




Data recovery from SD cards and USB sticks poses higher challenges than data recovery from computer’s hard disk. As there is the probability of losing the information by accidental deletion of data, it is required to possess data recovery tools to recover valuable information. With the available tools, you can perform data recovery activities very easily on your own computer. The SD card storage system gives you an opportunity to retain the data even though you had given a single delete command. Physically, you will not be able to see those deleted files, but they will not be lost completely from the sectors as long as the data is not overwritten or the card is formatted. This gives ample room for data recovery tools to effectively recover data from your SD card and Pen Drives.

Wondershare Photo Recovery really is a  wonderful software to recover data from SD cards. It is available for Mac and Windows-based computers. Depending on the version chosen, you will be able to recover photos, videos, audio files, document files, emails, etc. The procedure is very simple:

  • Install the software on your computer
  • Insert the card into the drive
  • Scan the card and you will be able to find the available files

The software can effectively deal with virus affected cards, accidental data deletion, corrupt card and many other malfunctions. Again, do note that overwriting or formatting the card will completely destroy the data that you wanted to recover.

PhotoRec is a versatile tool that can be used on Windows, Mac and Linux-based systems. The greatest advantage with PhotoRec is that even though it is titled in lines of photo recovery, the tool can recover almost any kind of data and from any kind of device. When you install the software and open the interface, the device will list all the memory devices and you can select the device from where the data has to be recovered. You can select the location where the recovered data have to be stored. The rest of the process is done automatically. Even though the software is available free of cost, the greatest disadvantage is with its text-based interface. However, with its powerful and versatile usage, advanced users can easily utilize the software to get the maximum benefit out of it.


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