Denon AH-C710 Review & Comparison to the AH-C751’s

The Denon AH-C710‘s provide a deep powerful bass, but yet also give great highs and mids – something its younger brother the 751’s lacked.

Here is a review/overview of the earphones with a lot of pictures included!

Here are my ratings, and then my impressions of the 710’s:

Comfort: 9/10

You can hardly feel them whilst you have them on: Only downside is the extension, rather than 1 straight wire down to the source (I.e. 1.3m it has an extension of 0.8m + its cable which is 0.7m). I personally prefer one wire, rather than having an extension. So that might just be me. More so, I found the wire either a little too short to go from my ears to pocket, or way too long with the extension.

Other than that, these earphones are really comfortable!

Build Quality: 7/10

The ear buds themselves are very well designed, they fit in your ears and they also look nice, but yet I have no idea why Denon decided to get rid of the thicker and magic wires of the 751’s. It’s a shame, as I would have rated it a full 10/10 if it wasn’t for their cheap feeling wires. Similar wiring to the Ex500/700’s from Sony is what I would compare the wiring on the 710’s.

The reason I don’t like these types of wires is simply because they are frail and tangle very easily – Annoying to say the least.

Isolation: 8/10

They isolate really well in – similar and yet a little better than the 751’s.

However in comparison to the W2’s they don’t isolate as well. Saying that, for the W2’s I was using the P-Series Longs, which go into your ears at a great depth, unlike the T-100’s which can be used with the W2’s or similarly the Tx-400’s that I use for the 710’s. So, it isn’t a really fair comparison as the P-series Longs are much better at isolation – But overall the isolation on the 710’s is good. Not perfect, but better than average high-end earphones (IE8’s/751’s for example) – Put it that way.

Sound: 8/10

[ad#ga-long]The sound on these is possibly one of the best I have ever heard, and here is why:

-Much better bass than BA drivers, like the Westone 2’s – Which have literally no bass in comparison to these baby’s. BA’s are known to move less air, thus why dynamics like on the 710’s is better, but I have never heard dynamics hit that low end so well. Only the 751’s did that –Similarly the 710’s.

The bass is pronounced, defined and controlled. The bass reminds me vividly of the 751’s. As I compared the two together, the 710’s have identical bass – in quantity and richness just like the 751’s. I get a tingly feeling in my feet sometimes which is weird but that’s when you know the bass is hitting hard. “Whip it hard, real hard” – As Rick Ross once said.

-The highs are nice, but can sometimes be quite bright, so it might not be to everyone’s taste at first. You get used to them as time and burn-in progresses, and they can be toned down so to speak with the use of the Comply T-400 tips – Which are in fact provided in the 710’s package. I also bought the Tx-400’s from Amp3, which I prefer, due to its wax guard it provides. The highs again, just like the lows, remind me of the 751’s – So if you are used to that the highs is something you will enjoy!

-The Mids-treble is what stands out for me. If it wasn’t for that I would have returned them straight away, as they are similar to their brothers the 751’s. This is why I chose to buy the 710’s despite buying the 751’s only 3-4 months ago.

They are really vibrant, and unlike the 751’s where the mids are almost hidden behind the bass, the 710’s deliver nice crisp mids. Full and rich is what I would like to use to describe them.

Sibilance will occur, like it did for me on the Samsung Galaxy S – To get rid of it, get a resistor adaptor – They are under £12, and work wonders. This might be an issue for some people, and for others they won’t even notice it, so it all depends on your source. From reading other reviews it is apparent that the 710’s do have sibilance, as they are quite sensitive earphones – thus why their highs might be a little bright for some people. As I said, getting a resistor adds independence to the earphones, and takes away almost 80-90% of its sibilance. Making them even crisper to the ear. However, be warned adding a resistor lowers the overall volume of the earphones. That was an issue with me, as I used to use the Fii0 E5 all the time with the 751’s as they weren’t loud enough for me, and once I got the 710’s I hardly ever touched the E5. Since I put the resistor adaptor, I put the E5 back on.

-The 710’s are much more easily driven, especially in comparison to their brothers the 751’s. In other words they can be played at louder volumes – Without the resistor adaptor as mentioned above that is.

-Sound stage: Its sound stage isn’t what I would call amazing, and blown away, but it is much better than the 751’s. I would like to think that the 710’s are similar to the W2’s in this respect. The sounds come from different angles and depths, which is phenomenal for £90 earphones. Outstanding.

Overall 8/10:

-Pros: Incredible overall sound quality, great bass – impacting and deep, really comfortable to wear for long hours, great price in comparison to its competitors and for what it delivers.

-Cons: Poor cabling, sibilance for some, and highs might be a little bright for some people (Can be toned down with the use of a resistor adaptor and/or the Comply tips)

Would I recommend this for the under £100 range?

Yes. Anything above? Possibly, but as you go over the £150 range more earphones open up to your selection, including the X10’s, IE8’s, W2’s which might be more to your preference – Personally for the under £200 range, the Denon AH-C710’s are my winners. – I don’t see myself upgrading. Unless my wallet tells me otherwise.

So if you are looking for anything under £100 – I would buy these without a shadow of a doubt.

Not much compares, even the IE8’s (£150+), which I disliked; The W2’s (£160+) which didn’t have enough bass, the Shure‘s (£130+) which were great, but over priced for what they deliver – In other words I enjoyed the se530’s but for the price of £300 – No thanks. The Denon 710’s are just perfect for me, and fit the bill not the taxpayer.

Also to note, my music taste comprises mainly of R’n’B and dance music, thus a good thumping bass and good mids is something which is important to me, and with the 710’s this is something I got, for a reasonable price – Not “Monstrous” pricing.

Another thing: Denon’s always sound different to other earphones, so they might make other earphones sound weird so to speak. I also believe in burn-in. Right out the box the 751’s were very muddy, over time they opened up. So did the 710’s, their sound stage opened up, their bass became less bloated, and their highs became toned down a little. The front cover of a book makes you wonder what’s inside the book, but it’s not until you have fully read the book that you will understand what the story is about. Thus my idea of burn-in. Give them 50hrs if that and they will sound better.

Here are the videos for the written review:

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I hope you enjoyed this review, and that it will help you in buying them!

Just remember a rule of thumb: Everyone’s ears are different. I might love them, and I’m sure you will too, but the only way you can decide is trying them for yourself.

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