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While browsing through the Ovi Store searching for interesting touch-screen apps. I noticed most of the apps i downloaded were from the same developer. So to make my search easier i just began searching for apps developed by Offscreen. They have a plethora of tiny interesting applications available for free download at the Ovi store.

Most of their applications are single screen touch based apps, really well finished and packaged.

Sticky Notes

This is definitely my favorite app from Offscreen, visually pleasing and very easy to use. Its definitely the one to have on your home screen. It allows you to pick different coloured notes and does actually have real world use.  If i had to pick just one app from Offscreen it would have to be this one.

The Scrolling Banner

Another cool application available is the LED banner.

You can customise the banner and choose the colour of the LEDs as well

The screen turns into a scrolling LED banner and you can customise the colour of the LEDs. It may not have use in the real world, unless you want to convey messages to drivers in other cars while you’re stuck in one of Bangalore city’s many traffic jams. Check out Banner touch over at the Ovi store.

As of April 21st 2010, Offscreen Technologies reached 25 milllion downloads on the Ovi Store, you can check out the full press release on their site here.

You could also check out the Offscreen page at the Ovi store, their applications are almost exclusively S60 touch based so make sure your phone is compatible. I’ve included a brief write up of a few applications i tried out.

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Level Touch

Level Touch is a simple program with no input needed from the user, just access the program and fiddle with the spirit level. Try it out from the Ovi store!


The Speedometer App uses the phone’s GPS to give an indication of what speeds you’re doing. Honestly the GPS speeds aren’t incredibly accurate in stop go traffic, but as long as the speeds are consistent the reading are very accurate. You can download the app at the Ovi Store from this link.


Haha the seismograph application, perfect for backseat drivers who insist on critiquing the ride quality of the car they’re being driven around in. Honestly couldn’t find a real world use for the application, but it definitely has some showoff value. See what you can do with this application, the link’s right here.

Compass Touch

Compass Touch gives you your GPS position and the direction which you’re facing, for some reason i wasn’t able to get an accurate compass reading, but the GPS readings were fine.

Minesweeper Touch

Offscreen isn’t all about tiny gimmicky apps, they have games as well, i tried out Minesweeper Touch, though it’s a bit different from the windows classic we’re used to it works quite well and does keep you entertained.

Well that’s all for now (phew). Let us know if there are any interesting apps or developers you’d like us to review!

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