DeviceInfo 2 Widget for 5th Edition Phones

Device Info Widget

DeviceInfo is a handy widget to dig up some of your  phone’s information like the  IMEI code, wireless MAC address and the current firmware version. Even though the author of the widget has tested this only on the 5800, it works fine on my N97. The current version of the widget shows you the following information:

  • Graphical display for storage and RAM space
  • Graphical Battery status
  • IMEI Number
  • WLAN MAC Address
  • Phone Infromation like the Phone model, Firmware version, Manufacturer and Product type
  • Device statuses for Bluetooth,Vibration, Autolock, Autolock timeout & Screensaver timeout

Screenshots (click them for a larger view):

DeviceInfo Widget Screenshot 1 DeviceInfo Widget Screenshot 2

You can download this widget from the authors’ site over at:

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