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One of the best web application for passing time, and discovering new content on the web, is now available on the Android Platform. Stumbleupon is a service which helps you find new sites on the web based on  your likes and dislikes. On the desktop, Stumbleupon works on your browser by installing a browser panel. On the Android you’ll have to install the Stumbleupon app, and get yourself an account.

Once you startup and sign-in into your account on the app, you’re sent to the start screen where you can start Stumbling a random site by clicking on the Start Stumbling button, or choose topics you like so you can be led to sites in those topics.

Once you’ve started Stumbling, you’ll start getting the app’s browsing area, where you can view the pages you’re lead to and the StumbleUpon Toolbar at the bottom which looks like this:

You can click on the first icon on the left (the one with the i) to get more information about the page you are viewing, other StumbleUpon users who liked this page, and reviews about it. The next icon pulls up the share menu, where you can share this page with other StumbleUpon users, email it, or open this page on the default browser on your phone. The next two icons, the thumbs down, and thumbs up are used for you to vote for this page. The more pages you like, or dislike, the better recommendations StumbleUpon gives you when you surf in the future. Click on the  last one, the Colorful StumbleUpon Logo, to head out to the next page in your recommendation list.

An excellent application for finding new stuff on the web, and passing time while on your daily commute or waiting at the dentists. Other uses for this app include getting through a boring meeting, but do be discreet enough not to get too caught up with it. Have fun Stumbling. Here are more screenshots from the StumbleUpon Android Application:

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