Download TouchPiano application for Nokia 5800 Touchscreen phone

Monday 09th, March 2009 / 18:29 Written by

touchpianoTouchpiano is a free application for Nokia 5800 mobile phone which helps you use the touch interface to play the screen as a piano, or guitar or violin, flute or drum. A saxophone can also be played with Touchpiano.

Once you download and start the application, you get an option to select one of the instruments and then use the stylus to gently play your favorite tune and use the phone as the music instrument. You also get the settings to change the language, or control the voice and choose the skin for the piano.

There are a few keys to hit, but the app is awesome one for music lovers to pass their time making tunes and playing with the phone.
Download the Touch piano app for Nokia 5800 Xpress music from here.

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